To blog or no to blog

I have sat here for days now contemplating this decision to begin this blog. I wanted my entrance into this tech writing world to be monumentous. I typed out several drafts and lost them because I didn’t know how to save them.  I may have accidently posted something about my hubby’s fiery nature because I didn’t know what I was doing. I panicked and shut my phone down. If it appears please ignore it I will pick it up later. I wrote about this possibly being a life changing experience, an inner molting. I downloaded Merriam Webster because,frankly, I haven’t written anything in so long that I have forgotten how to spell. I pulled out my old battered green thesaurus – the one I stole from high school and I refused to give away because I knew one day I would return to use its delicate pages. (I am so happy to have kept that thing.) And then I froze. What to say  what to say how to begin…
I used to write when I was teenager. Kept a diary. Filled it with anguish about boys and cried over the unfairness of my world. This fizzled out  soon after one of my boyfriends picked up a journal and invaded its privacy. There was an arguement. It was hard to defend myself when the text was right there in plain view for anybody to read. He didn’t understand that sometimes you  just have to get the words out whether (not wether)  or not they are right or wrong.  A truth emerges,  an inner solace, a calm that overtakes your inner turmoil.
So today I  am breaking the ice and posting this dribble. I am ignoring the voice inside of me that is trying to hold back and telling me that this should be more that this should grab you enevelop you force you to love me and my words.  That this post should have a more appropriate end.


2 thoughts on “To blog or no to blog

  1. honestme: We are in the same boat, starting to blog and plodding through Blogging 101 and such. I’m doing it for fun and to learn about my computer: what I can do with it, how social media works, how to set up a functional website for commerce and other purposes. My intention is technical at the moment, although what I write is filtered a little bit because I don’t want to sound like an idiot. So, good luck and happy blogging. I hope you’ll follow me while i follow you as we improve in content and sophistication.

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    1. I love to connect with newbies. I feel like we are all holding eachothers hand as we take our first tentative steps into this blogging world. As for the technical side…I drowned in indecisiveness. I chose my theme because it matched my name! And there it will sit until I muster up enough courage to dive into that abyss again. I look forward to seeing what you create. It will be interesting to watch your site grow from the start. Who knows how it will transform? This is only the beginning. ..☺


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