About me….

This is such a nervous inducing question. I feel like I am dancing around aspects in my head. ..what to reveal, what to reveal.
I am female, mid thirties (that is 35, not 38 and trying to be younger). I live on an acreage. I loathe to say farm because it conjures up an image of overweight man wearing overalls, rubber boots and a straw hat. (If you are an overweight man wearing overalls, rubber boots and a straw hat please don’t take offense, I am not judging, it’s just not my thing.) I have a two-year old daughter and two beautiful stepdaughters (aged twenty-three and nineteen) and I have been with same man for the last thirteen years (he says longer.)
Why am I doing this? I feel it is safe to say that most of us enjoy writing. We get something out of it – what that something is I do not know exactly. It is elusive, difficult to pin point and hard to put into words (for me). Ironic isn’t it. And, yes I have had several journals throughout my life. Most of the material in there is quite raw and unfinished. If I ever mustered the courage to show anybody any of it, it would only  return to back to the bottom of the book pile.
I can say this: most days thoughts bounce around my head like a Ping-Pong. They float in  the air but never really touch the ground. I am hoping that, by beginning to blog, I can give these thoughts some solidarity – a beginning, a middle and an end.
And I want to ask you this: when I begin to write, I have no clear view of where it will take me. Is it the same for you?
I cannot tell you what this blog will be about – it is just the beginning. I cannot tell you what it is not going to be about either. I feel like being rebellious. I cannot conform to any preconceived notions. I refuse to put a label on this that I will have to adhere to.
Honestly, before I started this I didn’t realize that blogging was supposed to be a ‘community’ thing. I kinda jumped into it before researching it. And I am currently in a state of self-denial regarding the stats and likes. I shrug my shoulders as if it doesn’t matter, but it does. So I am trying to be more proactive and I will ask you to do the same. I am reaching out and pressing that button whenever I read something that makes me smile, cry or think (great criteria eh?) Because every star I receive offers a boost to the belief that I can do this. It is, at the very least, a confirmation that somebody, somewhere has read something I wrote and thought it was kinda cool. Don’t interpret this as me begging you to like me, that has to be earned.
I cannot tell you why you should read my blog. I am hoping my words will be enough to entertain you, make you think a little or offer you a different perspective, even for a short while. Maybe, with enough effort, I can make you smile or cry. The way I see it, this blog is my oyster and, along the way, I can only hope to drop a few pearls.


16 thoughts on “About me….

  1. I totally relate to starting out blogging to materialize your thoughts and then finding yourself part of a community by accident and then realizing that is just as important! To answer your question-I start writing with a concept in mind and just see where it takes me. I struggle with feeling like it is never complete and could always re-edit, but then I question for what? My original intention of materializing my thoughts has been done and if anybody reads and enjoys it that is a bonus:-)

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    1. I agree. Initially it was only about writing my words somewhere that someone might read them. Now it is half writing and half interacting ☺. I am enthralled with it. So I really appreciate your comments. ☺

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  2. I enjoy the candidness of your writing, and wish you luck in letting your narrator out (as your new about page describes). I’m not sure I’ve written enough lately to have an answer to your question. I usually have an idea for a post, but not real direction or any clear idea of how it’s going to turn out. I usually just know when I don’t like it, when it isn’t quite right.

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    1. Me too. I have several in my drafts that I am sitting on because I am not satisfied with the end result. I may go back and edit but if I have to return to them too many times they will probably end up in the trash.


  3. I really enjoyed reading About You. I can truly relate to the fact that you don’t want to put a label on your blog,fit it into a category. I feel the same way about mine. There is so many things to do and to write about , I don’t see why we should limit ourselves.

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  4. rather out of my head, or thinking more right brained than the comfortable left, I write with ease, with joy, and and at the end of my ramble-ings …it all did come together and in an odd sort of way…made perfect sense.
    You dropped a pearl on me tonight as I smiled as I read your “About Me”… Thanks, Anita

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  5. And I want to ask you this: when I begin to write, I have no clear view of where it will take me. Is it the same for you?
    Yes and I believe that at times it keeps me from starting a post. It is not at all comfortable for me not to have an ending in mind, a purpose for a blog, relevant facts, or just a simple topic. But I find in those rare moments when I feel


  6. your words from my brain it seems. could not have found more comfort in this….you took my scattered thoughts and out them down in a form of order,

    And, to answer your question, i have no idea where things will end up when i start writing, and am often surprised where my train of thought comes to a stop.

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