Beginner Blogger Rule #4

PURGE THOSE DRAFTS! There is no reason to have one foot in one draft and the other foot in another one. There are only so many times you can revisit the same words, biting your nails, filling yourself with self-doubt and anxiety. No perfectionist fairy is going to appear and wave her magical wand over your words, making them glitter so brightly that they blind your self-critical eye. Squash the hesitation! Stop hovering your finger over publish and PRESS THAT BUTTON!


2 thoughts on “Beginner Blogger Rule #4

  1. Hey, I so well know the fight – in the first days I felt my hands were chained with the convicts’ heavy chain and ball (if it works with hands as well). But, you know what they say? The only bad writing is the one you never post, because it gets to be rejected before it’s born.
    Something else: there are millions out there who are dying to write a blog, but lack courage – in comparison, see how brave we are?

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    1. Some hours I feel not so brave and it seems to me that it is the hours in between writing trying to stifle the creative force, contemplating, analyzing, doubting. Thank you for this. You are right about being rejected before it is born.

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