Blogging 101: Day Two

I copied this excerpt directly from my about page.

The name honestme363… I promise to write only my truth’s, or my current truth’s. I have no idea what they will be but they will come from my heart. I will try not to hold back or pussy foot around something (such an odd phrase). I plan to spill it, crack open my shell and dump out the gooey inside. Plus, it rhymes. And, if you think about it, there are 365 days in a year. That means I have 48 hours to be dishonest, 72 hours in a leap year. This includes half-truths and lies by omission. I don’t really know how I will be measuring this. Perhaps by how long I keep the deceit going?  I am all ready considering changing the number. In the last seven days, I have all ready used up twenty minutes…

The tagline? I thought of it this morning. Seems quite appropriate… revealing my inner narrator. You have to understand that I have never done this before – I have never let anyone see this side of me. I do not speak like I write. I am a quiet person. My thoughts are perpetually tumbling in the background and are reluctant to remain on my surface long enough for my lips to mutter them. Nor have I told my friends about this blog. I am questioning my hesitation. I suspect, as time moves on, I will lose this unwillingness to expose myself. But for now I only wish to covet it (this blog), feed it and watch it grow.



9 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Day Two

  1. I like the way you write. It’s engaging, funny, honest, raw – real. Don’t change it. It’s authentically you. I wish you lots of fun in your blogging journey 🙂


  2. So glad we found each other! I, too, am brutality honest! But I decided my life has to be transparent to do this. My husband’s and blog started about our marriage, then we became full time travelers. I started a personal blog for my private inner voice. I recently posted things on there that I’ve never really shared otherwise. I’m a work in progress! I look forward to watching you blossom!

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  3. Perfectly understandable. When writing you’re pulling from yourself, even when the writing reflects a completely opposite view from what you believe. It’s soul-baring. It’s hard to let others see that, especially those who don’t write or don’t understand the process.
    Thank you for visiting and following my blog, The Back Garden.


  4. when i read your words i feel like you are on my brainwave at times.

    when i first made this decision to blog, i was going to be anonymous. i was going to keep myself secret from the readers, and NEVER tell the people i know personally, i felt it would give me leeway to be more bluntly honest, without the fear that someone i was talking about would ready it and get angry or have some sort of adverse reaction.

    One thing though, i write just like i talk.

    i, too, eagerly await watching this blog, your blog, develop, reveal and grow.


    1. I felt the exact same way when I read your posts about starting out – that is why I followed you. It gave me comfort to know that someone else was thinking the exact same things.


  5. New Blogger Alert! Haha it’s nice to see little rambles like this, I tend to do similar on my blog. I’ve followed – I’m a fellow writer myself who writes short stories. I’m working on a novel right now, and would love to hear some feedback on my stories 🙂 Thanks anyways, and keep writing 🙂

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