Blogging 101 Day 4 Take 3

Yeah that’s right. This is the third time I started this post and it’s going to be my last. I swear.

The other day turned into a thinking day for me. When I read that we were supposed to target an audience it led to a mini identity crisis where I questioned who and what that audience was and what and how much I wanted my blog to reveal about me and who I should be writing for and damn you wordpress for thinking that my blog should be tailored to the likes of an audience that I do not know anything about (yet). I really just started this blog to get some crap out of my head on to this digital paper because it sounds way better when it’s typed out here than jumbling around in my head. Yeah that’s right wordpress I am writing for me (finger salute).

*Sigh* Sometimes you have to look at yourself when you are giving your phone naughty hand gestures and wonder maybe if you should get a bit of a life.

That being said this has been a pretty fabulous week for me. I want to thank you, my audience, for choosing to read me, like me, follow me. This has been such a wonderful experience so far. I have read you, learned from you and have been inspired by you. I can’t express how great it has been to have this opportunity to share my thoughts with you, varied as they may be.The idea that I can drag you along with me as I travel down this road of self discovery really excites me. So hopefully I don’t have to pull on you too hard,hopefully its more like a gentle tug.

FYI: I am leaving the fifth assignment for next week when my oldest stepdaughter arrives. I think it would be a great way to spend some time with her.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


6 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Day 4 Take 3

  1. Love it! This post made me smile this morning; on Monday morning that in itself is an accomplishment. Probably the greatest thing from anyone (especially a writer) is Honesty. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Hello honestme363, I feel ya my friend, an audience? It has been a great weekend so far. I too am grateful for the fellow bloggers here on WordPress and the opportunity to be a part of this class. I am hoping this week allows me more waking time to read and write. Does anyone know why a Mac Air keeps running it’s noisy fan when nothing really is active except what I am working on? So annoying when trying to have a “thinking” moment..Cheers, Anita

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