Monday’s assignment: The About Page

Edited the about page. You can find it here. Any and all feedback is appreciated. I am still playing with themes so once I am actually happy with what I have there I will invite you all to take a look. Thanks in advance.


6 thoughts on “Monday’s assignment: The About Page

  1. Ah, a fellow, obsessive blog seeker. What new worlds will we discover at the next click? It definitely is a magnetic force and way too enticing to ignore. I’ve given up doing the daily crossword puzzle, finishing my latest mystery, practicing my ukulele, weeding my garden. It’s as though I have house guests that require me to put these things on hold and give them all my attention. I sometimes wonder if I’ll return to my normal routine when they all have returned home after our last assignment. Your blog is one of those magnets. Thank you for keeping me awake at night.

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    1. Thank you Claremary that was very sweet of you to say. It is funny what we pick up on when we read a person’s post or comment. I too play the ukulele. It was a christmas present from my mother in law. My dreams of playing around groups of friends is only thwarted by my inability to sing. But my daughter enjoys it – she just howls along with me. 😊

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      1. Sounds heavenly to me. A howling happy child and her mom. I’ve recently joined up with a group, In Bed By Ten (you can just imagine the average age of the 60 people who show up on A Wednesday night to play.). But the sound is truly unbelievable. The chords are kept to a minimum and are very simple. We just sing song after song, one blending into another. A choir of Don Ho and Arthur Godfrey wannabes, strumming and singing their hearts out. (You’re young so, you probably will not get my allusion.) I didn’t go last week. Too tied up with our assignments. Sleep tight.

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