Blip for the day

My first thoughts for this weekend “Oh no! Blogging 101 is over. 😭 Now what will I do without those assignments that I have been politely ignoring???” It also seems to me that most of my posts may appear narcissistic in nature and I promise to branch out, a bit.

As far as setting some kind ofΒ structure here…I don’t know why I balk so much at this suggestion. Will having a set structure really inhibit my creativity? I can’t conform, cannot, will not.

Pssh. Some ideas floating in my mind – a photo and a story feature once a week, hopefully Friday, Saturdays off and a Sunday ‘Sites that have sucked me in.’

In the meantime, I have been commenting like mad on almost anything and everything. It is such a freeing experience for me. Suddenly I don’t have to worry about weird looks and judgemental squints of an eye. I am free! That being said, I have probably made some comments that haven’t made any sense. Forgive me. I selfishly use wordpress as my ‘me’ time and this usually runs into the wee hours of the morning. So if my comment comes out like this ‘gdofmjixmx😂’ you know why.

Final note…Somehow I believed my theme was Kelly. I remember picking that one once because it matched my name. Apparently, it is Sorbet. Sorbet is good, it is sweet and tasty and makes me want to have ice cream.Β  I seldom eat ice cream and I seldom visit my site. It is a perpetual work in progress and I shall keep you updated of my progress as I try to catch up on the 101 assignments. Last night I was able to revamp my about page and eventually I will add an ‘about’ widget to my side bar.
Well that’s it for now.
Have a fabulous day everyone. Thanks for stoppin’ in.

18 thoughts on “Blip for the day

  1. Ha! I so get this. When you are paddling around at the beginning trying to work out what your blog posts will be about. You are doing great my friend πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Belinda. ☺ You might understand,now, why I scrolled to read some of your earlier posts to get a feel for how you began. Thank you for the encouragement – a true compliment from someone whose work I admire.

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      1. I actually archived a lot of my earlier posts plus the non-fiction ones. I don’t want to lose track of why I created the blog, for short stories! πŸ™‚

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  2. Hey honestme: You’re way ahead of me in Blogging 101, maybe because I’m working through the missing manual too, although resistance to taking direction might have something to do with it. My wife just gave me an ice-cream lazy susan, a very odd object which I hope is a joke gift. I write in the early morning before brain clutter bogs me down. thetomatounderground is really a learning platform that will eventually have entirely different content, though I’m glad you found it and enjoy the process with me. Best of luck with your new direction..

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    1. You must be referring to your ecommerce site? I am sure that might create some fascinating reading material ☺ So you don’t intend to contine throwing tomatoes into the underground once your learning is complete? I enjoy your anecdotes.


      1. Eventually the tomatounderground would have been a political media sales site playing off the Weather i thought about 1984 as a name too, but really I’m too old and lazy now to strike a blow for the common man etc. The other sites will not be available until I can change the domain.away from WordPress, for greater security and flexibility, in September. In the mean time , I hope you will still enjoy my stumbling around..

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      1. Multiple uses of dawn dish soap …..ummmmm that sounds kinda alien to me 😝 but then a woman’s mind works in a strange way and that can come up with some quirky ideas they say πŸ˜‡ do write I’ll look forward to your revelation 😁

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        1. Yes I am sure it will be earth shattering lol. Have a good evening Rs. I promise to peruse your posts and comment later, super curious about those edible egg tricks and OO7 snippet. Family arriving. ..

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