Tuney Tuesday

If you do not have any knowledge of Canadian currency, this title may be lost on you.

Yesterday morning, I had the privilege of being able to crank up the tunes and groove out to one of my favorite songs. As I raised my arms in the air and swayed my head with the music, I thought “Man, what a beautiful song.”  And, like all things that are beautiful, I felt it should be shared with you.

So this is my initiation of a new installment here in my blog. Every Tuesday, I will share one of my favorite tunes and I will ask you to join me by sharing yours.(I am not sure how this will work – pingback to the post? Reblog? Suggestions? ) What I am after here is a way to expand my musical horizons. I want to know what moves you. What makes you shake your booty, drive faster, or what helps you to cry? Our musical tastes are heavily influenced by the things that surround us – our social class, our culture, and our mood. We can’t be listening to the same thing?? Please enlighten me!

I realize that this is the internet and that there is probably someone doing this here already. I am too lazy to look for them. If you feel like I am hijacking someone’s idea, let me know. I also realize that music is an individual thing and you may not like what I post here. That’s okay. I might hurt your ears, you might reconstruct mine. Let’s get started…

This first piece comes straight from the lips of Canadian hip hop, musician Kyprios. He hails from the west coast of Canada, from the lovely shorelines of beautiful British Columbia. What I really love about him is the fact that his start in this business wasn’t playing songs in dimly lit bars, it was through his poetry. He made his big debut back in 2001 at the Nuyorican Poetry Cafe in NYC with “Hate.” The following song is titled “Never Say Goodbye” and stems from the “Say Something” album he released in 2004. If this composition isn’t your style, then at least check out the lyrics. It will be worth your time to read them.

So do me a favor – take a minute to kick back, close your eyes and enjoy this melody. Most importantly, listen to his words – that’s where the beauty lies in this one.

4 thoughts on “Tuney Tuesday

    1. Oh thank you Claremary ☺! I was thinking about a guest blog but the process seems… complicated at the moment. Would you be interested in a write up with it? If so, I will research further – all instructions look complicated when you just glance at them. If not, a simple cut and paste of the site here in the comments would suffice. I certainly appreciate your feedback. Oh and stay ‘tuned’ and I will show you some of my favorite ukulele players. ☺

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