The Blazing To Do Lists

I just have to get this off of my chest.

I have come across several, lovely posts recently about utilizing lists to achieve success. The advice has been great. The wisdom I gathered boils down to this: Keep It Simple Stupid. Make an achievable list with no more than three to five items and get to it!

I admire all of you out there with your lists, making boxes to check off, getting your shit done. I used to be one of you, flinging my arm with a dramatic flare when a list was complete. Let me tell you something – two months ago, I burnt those lists and I have never felt better. And I don’t think I will ever go back to making lists again.

Oh no! Blasphemy! How could I dare to do such a thing?

Easy. I hated those fuckin lists. They were not simple and were not achievable. What began as a daily task maker, turned into a Monday to Sunday chore grinder. By Saturday afternoon, I had whiney kid syndrome. I would stomp my feet and cry around. My time was up and I couldn’t conjure up the gumption to finish things. I would transfer the items to the list for the following week. I began to cheat. I wrote down simple things like “do laundry, wash floors, do dishes” just so I could feel good about crossing something off. You know what ended up happening? I neglected my floors and began to despise my dishes. As if! I have a dishwasher!

So like sonofabeach96 posted here, I had to rewrite my pages. I didn’t like who I was becoming. I was impatient, crabby and near tears most of the time. So I tore up those lists and sent those pages ablaze. I began to breathe again. I took notice of my beautiful surroundings. I started to do things for me, things that were good for my soul. And I feel fabulous.

So if you ask me if I have accomplished a lot this summer, my answer will be “Hell no”. I really haven’t. I have been walking around in a postcoital bliss with myself, nurturing parts that I feel were neglected for too long. Does this make me a success? Depends if you are looking at my “not done list” or if you’re looking at me through my daughters eyes. I bet she likes this version of me better.

27 thoughts on “The Blazing To Do Lists

  1. Not patronizing; You are a smart person. You have a compass. Way to go. Yes the do to list is ridiculous. It is the slave master “Perfection” lording it over us, unhealthy, toxic.
    Remember; (my quote/God gave me)
    “The quest for perfection is born out of imperfection.”
    Unhealthy therefore.

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  2. I’m so with you, I’m a terrible cheater too! I always just write down the easiest things, then feel good about myself while I avoid the hard stuff. Getting rid of the lists sounds like a great plan.

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  3. Glad you have found a system that works. I like to make notes, and yes lists that sit around without action until I throw them in the bin and start all over!

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  4. Good for you! Freedom!
    My lists consist of ingredients I need to get for a cake I want to bake to take to a family gathering; the items I need to remember to take to the family gathering (including the cake of which I’ve only taken a teeny slice to make sure it’s edible); and getting the car serviced so it runs well enough to get to the family gathering. The other shit is just the stuff ya gotta do sometime, and sometime is a pretty broad window in which to get it all done. Because we just have to start over again anyway, no?

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  5. Oh. My. God. Lists used to be such a help to me and now they float around the house reproachfully, only half crossed-off, reminding me of how desperately inadequate I am at keeping up with everything. I thought the problem was ME. I am going to gather them up and consider a fitting end for them. Let’s see if I can get through a week without making more impossible lists….

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  6. Hey, thanks for the mention! And I agree, we get so busy trying “to do” that we forget to do what makes us happy. I’d much rather toss a frisbee with my boys than worry about work. I’d rather make love to my wife than rush to mow the yard. In the grand scheme, my kids won’t care that my yard was manicured. But they’ll remember me taking them swimming or playing Cranium with them, and looking silly while drawing an elephant with my eyes closed (not surprisingly, they couldn’t decipher my sketch). Those day to day things are important, to a degree, but not as important as they are. I’m right there with you on burning those tedious lists! Lets roast some marshmallows and make s’mores!

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    1. That sounds great! Who doesn’t love marshmallows and chocolate? Too bad my wood was wet when I took the picture, otherwise I might have hot dogs for supper ☺ Sorry. I really wanted to thank you for inspiring me to write this post. After I read it, I put my supper on low and wrote a draft. ☺ Thank you!

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