Tuney Tuesday: Kevin Presbrey

If you own a ukulele, you might have come across some of Kevin Presbrey’s tutorials (under his UkeKillerHotel title on YouTube). He dazzled me with his strumming 101 tricks, taught me the proper technique for hammering on and hand muting,and he tuned me in with his ‘Happiest Ukulele Song’ in the world tutorials (1, 2, and 3). Suddenly, I felt like I had talent just by watching some guy with fabulous blue eyes on the other end of a screen.

Then, I saw him perform “Ms. Sunny Day.” Now, I am secretly crushing on him like a love struck teenager. *Sigh* This is a really upbeat song. Just a guy singing with his ukulele, but, sometimes, that is all you need. Hope you enjoy it ☺ (Don’t be lazy, the song is only two minutes long so click that button☺).

If you would like to learn more about Kevin or listen to more of his songs, you can check out his website kevinpresbrey.com.


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