33 thoughts on “Web Design

  1. Love your photos 🙂 Spiders are fascinating creatures. Can’t wait to see these webs on big screen rather than phone. Love the eeriness of some, effects of light on others. Wonderful! 😀


    1. Thank you! I wasn’t sure if I had seen them before either. Usually the grass is too tall and dense to enjoy walking through but it is has been rather dry here this year. It gave me an opportunity to look a little more closely at the ground. Interesting enough to mention-after the pasture was cut, the webs are still there! The mower doesn’t cut that low, it just rearranges their roof. ☺

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  2. I sat in my girlfriends yard and we watched a huge spider spin her web for the night, it took about 4 hours….it was fascinating, it was one of the kind that rebuild everyday….amazing stamina……great pictures

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  3. I love spider webs, so intricate and, like snowflakes, no two alike. I’ve watched spiders on our porch spin webs before. Very interesting. Saw one actually cocooning a moth once. It was morbid, and I really felt bad for the moth, but it was cool to watch. Great pics!

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      1. Those are really wild. Like a funnel or something. Have you seen what kind of spider makes those? And while I find it fascinating to watch, and terrific photo material, I hate getting a face full of one while walking to my car in the dim morning light. Feel like its on me for an hour afterwards.

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        1. Haha! I get the same feeling whenever I walk through one of my gates☺ I did google ‘ground spiders’ but there are over 160 species. My daughter named one ‘mommy’ and another one ‘baby’ (it was smaller).

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