Regarding Secrets

Writing 101:Day 3: One word inspiration..

A good friend of mine once said this (regarding secrets)….

Whose fault is it…

…when you say something to somebody, and you tell them it is a secret, to not to tell anyone, and they tell everyone…

…is it their fault for breaking your trust?

…or is it your fault, for telling them specifically not to?

21 thoughts on “Regarding Secrets

    1. Good advice! I had to learn the hard way ☺ At least now I have a small circle of friends that I am fairly open with – I don’t mind if my tales travel between them. And if it goes farther than that, I am unaware ☺

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  1. I have a friend who tells me her deepest, darkest secrets, but always seems to share the most trivial things about me to anyone who will listen. The imbalance is striking. I opted to not tell her anything I wouldn’t want broadcast on the news and to stop being a confidant. It works both ways, I think. x

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    1. It does! And some people just can’t help themselves (I think). I haven’t decided if it has made me more close lipped, or more willing to share – knowing that my words may be broadcast. I think I flip in between the two. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sabiscuit ☺ Much appreciated.

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