Off Topic Tuesday: Music Therapy

Playlists are essential to help motivate us. What songs motivate you?


29 thoughts on “Off Topic Tuesday: Music Therapy

  1. My motivation, hummmm, my children have been expressing concern about my weight…they didn’t have an intervention, but now that I said that out loud maybe they did…LOL anyway the want me around for as long as I can be…I may be only 58, and to some that sounds young, however, my sister just up and dropped dead, from coughing, her airway collapsed!! and she was 55 yrs old…so life can bite you in the but when least expected…she was extremely healthy….another motivation, I am tired of being heavy, making up excuses for myself regarding sitting in booths, (oh they hurt my lower back) no…I am just to fat to squeeze in there….then there is the big one…..all the medical downfall to being heavy….not just heavy obese…..knees wear out quicker, I have already messed that one up….all your joints take a toll from excess weight, your heart, diabetes, at some point your obese body can no longer support your internal system and its like a domino effect….first this, then that, then this, then that. Pretty soon your a complete mess and in the mean tie you’ve lost years from your life just by being fat!!! so getting health and loosing weight was a personal choice, and I am finally at that point in my life where I am making rational decisions…LOL not waiting for the miracle anymore that they all promise….you make your own miracle happen otherwise it doesn’t happen!!!
    As far as a play list, I love ACDC for a good workout (the old ACDC)….Aero Smith, sometimes I through a little long haired classical – Beethoven, Tchaikov, Vivaldi – in…amazing how it can boost you…at least me.. I read somewhere on WP someone listens to marching bands….I am thinking that would be a good change and the beat is there…
    thanks for taking an interest…do you have a favorite workout play list….its fun to see what moves us…kat.


    1. Wow Kat, sincerely, thank you so much for sharing and for providing some insight into your life. Sincerely. I find it a gift when people open up and are honest about themselves. Congratulations on embarking on your journey, for the weight you have lost and the health benefits you are experiencing. Please know that I routing for you! And I will be honest, I have only just started to add a small jog here and there because of people like you, who are struggling with the exercise, who post how much they don’t like it or what they do, who are trying to be healthier. So thank you for inspiring me to do the same! And as far as playlists go, when I am outside, I only listen to nature ☺


            1. Yeah, it’s okay if I don’t understand the language, I can always ask you the meaning ☺ I just want authentic insights into your musical taste. I don’t really need to know the words, most songs have a beat and I make up the words anyway. If I like it enough, I might listen to it and learn a Hindi word or two ☺

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            2. No, not in school. I will study things that interest me now though. Right now I am going through my camera manual and discovered it has time lapse. Hoping to get pics of the borealis soon, if I can stay awake long enough 😊


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