Just a Reminder


All this time
The sun never says to the Earth
“You owe me.”
What happens
With a love like that
It lights the whole sky
– Hafiz

I am not going to tarnish this beautiful quote by following it with a lengthy post. I will tell you this: this poem repeated itself over and over in my mind the evening I took this photo. I couldn’t help but watch in amazement as the sun caressed the clouds with its golden glow before dipping below the horizon, just as if it was kissing them goodbye.

More of Hafiz’s work (born app 1320 a.d.) can be found here.

writing101 day 7: Hook ’em with a quote


40 thoughts on “Just a Reminder

    1. Not at all! Not at all! I enjoyed it immensely. Truth be told, I enjoy the interaction more than writing. It gives me a boost and always inspires me, allows me to be open. I realize that others can read our conversation, but it seems private to me.

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    1. I do not mind at all Miguel. It is conversations like this that allow me to talk freely. I may be honest, but I am not open. I hope to change that, with some time, and small snippets like this one allow me to open up. I appreciate the opportunity to do so.

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      1. You are greatly appreciated, and valued. I’m here for you. My email addr is on all my posts. Not to draw attention but I might be of some help, but I’ll tell you what, I have lots of help in my blogs. This is not a bid for superiority (I’m no different than any one else). But do give me a heads up (email) for I seldom go there.

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        1. I believe, Miguel, that once I begin to release the shackles of silence, that my true healing will begin. Would you agree that this would be an appropriate direction? In due time, the walls will crumble a bit, watch out for a flood. ☺

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            1. One thing I would like to tell you Miguel – I have a very supportive and loving family, now. It is just me, the way I was born and bred. It is difficult to let go of those lessons of the past. I have held on to them all of my life, believing they were a necessity. It is only recently that I have realized that they were not. I find myself hesitant to let go of them. Small steps, like these minutes spent with you, help a lot. Thank you ☺

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            2. I’m honored by your receipt. You are headed in the right direction. If you don’t mind I would like to address a little of this in a post. It won’t cover it completely but in part. Do I have your permission?…….

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            1. Very interesting! Not a teacher, but a giver of praise and compliments, here in the blogosphere and in daily life. I treasure the reactions it gives people, It makes them light up for a brief second before their conscious self takes over and hides it away. Miguel, in your opinion, do you think it is rare that people give compliments?

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            2. That’s quite a mission, self assigned there. A legacy you leave, an ID with, it tells a lot about a person. Add to that asking me if I opinionate pro or con concerning giving compliments. Don’t blame me, I’m commenting on a blog. (funny). But yes, I do think it rare, and yes that says something about my surroundings and history, and of course about me. But you’re good at your self appointed role. I know I respond like a looney

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            3. You give out, likely a bit of attention which at a crucial point in your youth, was in short supply for you. You are on a mission (don’t this, you said I was honest.)

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            4. Very astute Miguel, and knowledgeable. ☺ I have never thought about it as a mission, and I suppose you are right. A part of me wishes to wash away the negativity I experienced and replace it with warmer things. Difficult to wash away though, stubborn stains.

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            5. Look here…, as long as the mission is perpetuated, you will always be coming and going, before that object of focus, occupying but not fulfilled. It will instead (dualistically) be a mission it sent you on. IE linked. There is healing, but I’m only being honest because honesty is valued by you (my friend). Sincerely; MAO

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            6. Very true Miguel. And please never fear that you are stepping on personal boundaries with me. Like you said, we are friends, and I value your honesty, your opinions and your life experiences. I believe you have a mission too, to teach and to enlighten.

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  1. Hallo again Kelly. Hope you don’t mind that I linked to your homepage in one of my writing101 posts today based on expanding comments. I made a short photo post based on one of our recent chats via comments over at One4Fun. cheers 🙂

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  2. Hi Kelly, nice post 😀 love the pic, it is very fitting to your choice of quote. fantastic closing sentence ‘the sun caressed the clouds…just as if it was kissing them goodbye’. Beautiful 🙂
    By the way, I finally changed my theme’s colour scheme ready for autumn /winter so hopefully we won’t get mixed up now 😀 Not sure if you ever experienced this, but I’d sometimes take a break, return to my pute and wonder why am in my blog when I wasn’t i was in yours. Just checking your latest while here and see you again soon in CC or Sandbox etc. Love&best wishes, Colette 🙂

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