A little help?

If anyone has any info or insight for the sonofabeach, can you please it on?


imageAnyone out here in the blogosphere familiar with Working Memory Disorder?  I have a set of twins.  They were preemies, about 9-10 weeks early.  While in utero, placental shunting developed.  They were monitored closely for months before birth and our docs decided they had to be taken by c-section.  The smaller of the two had developed slower but is now doing well, physically, after initial cardiac issues after birth.  But we are being dealt another crappy hand just this week.  He’s been struggling with some school work, math in particular.  We decided to have the school psychologist do some testing with him.  We’re familiar with this process as our oldest son is autistic, so, been there done that with the battery of tests and forms.  But what she found is new to me.  She referred to it as Working Memory Disorder.  Huh?  Basically, he has difficulty with cumulative information retention…

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