Coffee Anyone?

writing101: day 10: update your readers over a cup of coffee

If we were having coffee right now…

….I would tell you that I have a road trip planned for this weekend. Initially, I was quite excited about abandoning my responsibilities for an overnight excursion. I believe I chanted “I am free! I am free!” when I planned the trip. But I am already feeling guilty at the prospect of leaving.

If we were having coffee right now…

…I would tell you that I am taking a writing 101 course and generally, I do not talk about myself this much. I would ask you all sorts of questions about your life – job, home, and family – to help pass the time. I would watch your eyes light up as you relay a story and enjoy the comfort of your honesty.

If we were having coffee right now…

…my knee would probably be bouncing because I have slurped up too much caffeine. I really cannot resist the sugary goodness of the coffee creamer. Energized, I would leave your place with fidgety excitement to tackle projects with when I return home. I would apologize for not stopping by more often. I just seem to be a little busy at the moment, and I hope that things will slow down soon. I would thank you for everything, for listening, for taking the time to chat, because I really do enjoy the conversations I have here. Each and every single one of them, so thanks for that too.

Until next time…


34 thoughts on “Coffee Anyone?

        1. Stubborn creatures ☺ I swear my cat is trying to kill me, every morning she serves in and out of my legs as I groggily walk to the bathroom. I keep feeding her so she will leave me alone. She is getting a little chubby..☺ Had to tell someone my theory ☺

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            1. Whaaaaat? How did this comment even end up here? It was part of the other conversation we were having! I am obviously too sleep-deprived to Internet at the mo.

              Anyway, I wanted to say that I feed my cats right before I go to bed… Working on the theory that if they are full and fed, they are less likely to kill me in my sleep. Because I think the dogs are scared of them too, so I can’t count on any help from that quarter.

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            2. Yeah weird (about the conversation). I feed her before I go to bed too, otherwise she trains me to get up at 430 with her caterwauling. She has me wrapped around her cute and cuddly nature. Absolutely wrapped!

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  1. Hey, you talked me outta guilting myself for my weekend getaway back in August. My turn: do not feel guilty for taking time for yourself. We all need it. It’s a recharge of the soul. Take it and enjoy. You won’t regret it.

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