31 thoughts on “Sunset Drive

    1. That’s a hard one to pin down…I do listen to the radio and make up the words as I go along…but when I need to lose myself and my thoughts I will most often play “Tawoumga” by DJ Champion. It is 9 minutes long, starts off with a good beat and doesn’t have a single word in it. If you decide to check it out, let me know what you think. Music preferences can be individual thing. And it is always fun ☺

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      1. I like your style. I’ll check it out. I’ve got something like that lined up. I listened to a violin concerto and made up something while reading a Latin mass. Fun. Again, individual tastes.

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        1. Interesting! You might really enjoy him. He is both a conductor and a dj, he usually performs live with his band, ‘the G strings’. And I have seen him, on you tube, conducting an orchestra while mixing on his laptop 😉

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