My Little Homemade Remedy

Where do I go
When life is a little rough
I get on my knees
And look in her eyes
For me, that is enough

It is enough to remind me
Of what is important here
Not the bills to pay
How clean my house is
Not even my career

When her blue eyes are twinkling
And she is giggling with glee
I can’t help but laugh with her
And wonder
“How am I so lucky?”

I should record her laughter
The way it echoes through my home
I could listen to it
In my golden years
After she is gone and on her own

If I could preserve her spirit
And bottle up her energy
I could sip it,
Like medicine,
My little homemade remedy

My written response to “Where is your happy place?”

28 thoughts on “My Little Homemade Remedy

  1. I’m quite behind in reading your post. Please forgive me. 😥 I sure have a lot of catchup to do! 😅
    I wonder if I’ll miss my children when they’ve grown up, but now I really couldn’t stand them… I wish I have peace at home, not a “supermarket” home. 😁LOL

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    1. No need to apologize!! It is hard to keep up here!! And regarding the children – I can sympathize!! It seems impossible to carve out some time for yourself when your house is a ‘supermarket’!😂😁😃😀

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    1. Thank you Karin. ☺ I took your advice and wrote, a lot. Shed some tears, felt like vomiting. All very cathartic ☺ And I have had such a great day today! Thank you so much! Sincerely, best wishes to you. I really appreciate you helping me.

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      1. Yes, what comes up can be quite intense.

        Thanks for letting me know that writing helped and that my comments were helpful. That means a lot to me that a map of the valley I have been through is of use to fellow travelers.

        Liked by 1 person

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