For the Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

Cheri Lucas Rowlands was right when she wrote:

I expect wildly different and very personal takes on this theme, (Extra)ordinary, because our own ideas and experiences will shape our interpretations. What’s mundane yet meaningful to you? What’s a beautiful everyday thing?

Whenever I look at this picture, I hear laughter. Loud, rambunctious, joyful laughter.

I see smiles and feel a connection to my family.

Taken during the Thanksgiving weekend, the “kids” playing a game of spoons.


24 thoughts on “Spoons

  1. 53 people clicked the like button, what an engaged community you have. Thanks for liking the comment I made on Michael Rios’s site. Very kind of him to put my name on a virtual trophy and give me a shoutout like that. I am a huge fan of Michael’s; we are cross promoting each other’s social media groups. Nice to meet you.

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    1. ☺ Let me see what I can remember…If you have 5 players, there are 4 spoons. Everyone is dealt x # of cards (see? Can’t remember 😉) The deck is then placed in the middle of the table. The dealer picks up one card from the deck, looks at it and places it face down to the next person who does the same. The goal is to collect two sets of pairs. When you reach your goal, you throw down the cards and grab a spoon. Whoever doesn’t have a spoon is out. You have to be super quick with the cards and your decision making. It’s like a big giant race and when it is spoon grabbing time, watch your eyes! There are elbows and spoons flying everywhere 😁

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  2. I recall playing this years ago with two of my youth teachers (a couple, and the wife has now passed from breast cancer). There was great laughter that went with it, and you brought back some wonderful and loving memories from my past with this one simple image. Thank you so very much!

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