Happy Halloween!

the pumpkin we carved
the pumpkin we carved

I was hoping my daughter would sleep through her sugar crash last night long enough to post this…


…sometimes I just want to write. I do not want to care about content or saying things that actually have any meaning. I do not want to care that it is Sunday morning here and not Saturday and it is no longer Halloween. If I had to adhere to time restraints, I may not ever post anything…

I think I have been suffering from TMI with all of the blogging tips that have been floating around here lately. I began to have daymares about speaking to all of my followers. Public speaking is one thing – there is usually an educational aspect to it and if I am passionate about a subject, I can pull it off. Here… a little different since I have to rely on my own imagination…

The one thing I have come to realize is that, in actuality, I am a very private person. And writing, for me, is an extremely intimate thing. I am connecting with that voice that is otherwise silenced by my need to do’s, should do’s and should have done’s.

The other aspect is time. There really is so much that I want to say but I am having trouble carving out those minutes I need to put them somewhere…

There you have it. A little ramble, just me overcoming some obstacles of time, content, and communication. Happy Sunday!!




36 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Yes, the inner critic is just a critic, and should be discarded. Things will creatively find corralling, and packaging, if unimpeded by the perfectionist. Creating is almost magical. It is born out of acceptance, embracing, resolution like that which the untethered mind works out in the imagery of dreams. Let others criticized and define the dream, you just go ahead and dream it. Good post.

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  2. Very honest and simple. I feel this also resonates a bit with my post today where you commented though that was more humor than truth. I feel it is alright to just do a thing and not follow a right or proper way of doing it. Just doing is enough sometimes. No, it is a must sometimes. Again a must? lol 😀

    Thanks 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  3. I understand your feelings of needing to create a profound thought when a lot of us are here to listen, support, cheer and give cyber hugs. I’m passing on the info, that I have to be told every week or so. 🙂 Accept this like you would accept your child’s hug. Without blinking, knocked over by the force of it and smiling.

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  4. Same here…sometimes I feel like I am being redundant with my blog…so I took last night off and guess what…nothing happened…everyone was still here in the morning…LOL and I still didn’t have a lot to day to day…lol I really enjoy our community of bloggers on here…I enjoy following everyone…but I hear your frustration on what to say sometimes…we all can’t be whitty everyday….kat

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  5. It is very time consuming. It’s hard to carve out 30-60 minutes to write something. My lunch break is usually when I’m able to have a bit of time uninterrupted. And that sugar crash happens quick doesn’t it? 😃

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