48 thoughts on “The Candy Stash

    1. Thank you Melinda! You would have laughed too when I caught her trying to use the broom to sweep the candy off of the top of the fridge. Crafty little girl she is.😊 Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Clare, you are so funny!! I will be bringing out several pairs of winter boots shortly…this also reminds me that she was stuffing her dad’s boots with mandarin oranges… perhaps I should check out that situation when I return home…

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          1. Funny about that. I discovered these emoji symbols twi weeks ago under the “Edit” heading of my Mac Air, of all places. And I look for any excuse to see if I can find an apt symbol to send off. (Enraptured- Like a child with a new toy – or a secret stash!)πŸ‘Ά

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