Need to Stay Awake

Do you have any tips on how to stay awake during a conference? Here is what I have come up with so far…

1. Arrive late. So late that there won’t be a seat for you during the first speech. This ensures that you will have to stand, awkwardly, at the back for the first forty-five minutes and you won’t be tempted to close your eyes and drift off into lala land.

2. Wear uncomfortable clothing. Yes, you look hot, but those pants are really too tight and make it difficult to breathe after you gorge out on all of the delectable snacks that they have laid out.  Who can fall asleep if they cant breathe? Also, if it is close to Rememberance Day, wear several poppies with pride. Every time you move, you will receive a sharp poke that will remind you to keep your eyes open.

3. Drink a lot of coffee and water. Frequent trips to the bathroom provide a nice break from monotonous dialogue. If you are moving, you are not sleeping!

4. Go for a jog outside, like Phoebe – arms flailing in the air, heels kicking out to the side. I haven’t done this yet, but I am sure it would work.

5. Write a blog post.

6. Text your friends and ask them  ‘wsup?’ Their drama will entertain you and you might receive a spectacular surprise like I did when Nora sent me this


Somehow, feeling great negates the need for sleep.

If you have anything to add, please let me know. There are still 5 hours to go and most of tomorrow to get through…
Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!!


43 thoughts on “Need to Stay Awake

  1. Very witty. What had always helped me (in the past, don’t attend conferences anymore) is to take notes, because as I take them I think of something more interesting and more profound, thought provoking, and that’s when “I go away”, begin to write about that profound thought and that fire keeps me awake. Hungry for questing, and perusal and creating.

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    1. They have an app for that!! Used it yesterday afternoon and did exactly that. While he was blabbing away, I was able to actually listen and absorb what he was saying! Although he was supported by a lot of scientific data, I still couldn’t help but feel that he was trying to sell the end product πŸ˜• Vet tech conference. RRC grad 2005 ☺


      1. A doodling app? For real? That’s great!

        I know what you mean about the selling. I was always disappointed at vet tech conferences to see all the sponsorship (mostly pet food and pharma). Same with mental health conferences (uh, minus the pet food). Makes you wonder how biased the talks are toward the products. Any interesting talks?

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        1. Yes several doodling apps! I have artflow. Haven’t used it much but it came in handy this weekend!
          There was a good self care talk. She made a list ’99 things you can do for yourself.’ One of them was buying a helium balloon for yourself. ‘Guaranteed to make you smile’ I have to agree. A study on the prevalence of plague in the Prairie dog population in southern Sask. And a study on the cortisol levels found in the hair of calves, pre and post castration, to measure the amount of stress they experience being handled. They are trying to push the use of meloxicam at time of castration but the data they gathered doesn’t really support it – turns out they are just stressed from being handled and pain meds only produced .16 of a difference in the cortisol levels. I thought it was interesting. ..☺

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          1. Oooh, I like the cortisol one. I find stress and pain management is so interesting. My all-time fave conference was hearing Karen Overall speak in Utrecht and then after her, Eric Zimmer who was kind of an entitled jerk about her talk and then I went up afterward all confident in my new vet tech knowledge and lectured him for being so rude and ignorant. They both must have been just laughing at me, haha!

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            1. Being a bitch is a necessity! Otherwise people will walk all over you, and your friends, and anything else you hold dear in your life. Thank you for partaking in this conversation. I think it is pretty awesome that we have some similar interests and background. 😊

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