Understated Road Trips

Does this ever happen to you? You go through life forgetting to do things that you enjoy? You become so busy with your responsibilities and day-to-day tasks that you forget to do things that connect yourself to a part of your personality, your character? And when you re-experience them, you say to yourself “I have forgotten how much I enjoy doing this, I should do this more often!”

When I was younger, my parents took us all across the country to visit our relatives. I was the youngest, and smallest; my designated spot was on the floor of the backseat while my brother and sister stretched their legs over me. I had slept so much during those trips that when it came to be my turn behind the wheel, I didn’t know which direction to go. When I became old enough, I rented vehicles so I could relive those experiences. For me, I enjoyed the drive just as much as I enjoyed the destination.

What is it about a vehicle that is so liberating? Is it because it is just you, a steering wheel and miles of pavement rolling beneath your feet?  This is where I play the music is so loud that the rear view mirror trembles and my heart simulates the beat of the bass.  This is where I practice my chair dancing techniques and play invisible musical instruments.  This is where I reconnect to my childish self, the momentum of the music urging me to sing at my worst and act the silliest.

The understated road trip – something I have neglected to do in the last few years, but definitely something I should be doing more of.

It’s Tuesday, so here is a tune for you. I have to give the radio credit for overplaying popular songs – by the time I returned home, I had learned this down pat. Elle King – “Ex’s and Oh’s”

33 thoughts on “Understated Road Trips

  1. Wow! That sounded fun! 😀 I can’t drive as I was fearful of taking the front seat. I must have missed out a lot of fun! 🙂


  2. I remember those family road trips when I was a child, the oldest of five kids. I loved looking out the window and watching the world go by. Still do. When Daddy drove at night, I could not figure out how the moon kept up with us.

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      1. I feel perfectly and beautifully alone when the dogs are with me. Every introvert in the world will understand that feeling, haha! Sure, it would be wonderful to take them along, but a logistical nightmare…

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            1. With a whack of fried onions and obscene amounts of sour cream, yes. They also have these great meatless “bacon bits” but I prefer fried-to-a-crisp mushrooms now, although I seldom have the patience to make those once I get into the perogy mood-state!

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