Viking Plate 43

I found these silver plates while I was decluttering…

Nine of them in total, with various patterns and intricate designs

I couldn’t part with them

and am still unsure what to do with them…

suggestions welcomed πŸ™‚

For The Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

35 thoughts on “Viking Plate 43

  1. They are gorgeous! I hope you kept them. If your dad was an antique collector they may be valuable or rare or both. It sounds to me like they may have tin or lead in the metal given they are so soft. Have you considered taking one to someone who can value them for you or perhaps tell you a bit about them. I have some collectors ceramic plates displayed on the wall. They look good.


  2. So beautiful. I love stuff like this. Few genuine businesses make stuff like this nowadays, yet, I confess ignorance of such. Think of a young couple who might not squander the gift by turning it into cash, or just save it for your children, or donate it to a needy cause. I’m not good at this, blame you for provoking my attempt.

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    1. I am partial to antiques, the history of such things, and yet google fails to teach me very much about these pieces… I would like to keep them, pass them down to the next generation, perhaps so they could squander it away for cash if they need. πŸ™‚

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    1. I am decluttering the hoard of things in my basement ☺ I believe the plates came from my dad. He liked auction sales and antiques. They could have came from my grandma’s…not too sure. I will keep my eyes open for plate hangers – they are so soft and malleable that I would definitely need some good support. Thanks Calen!☺


      1. I agree! The wall display is a great idea! πŸ™‚ But using it as a serving plate might be a pain when it comes to washing as the food might get stuck between the design.

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        1. I think they were made from 1920-1950. I couldn’t find much info on them specifically. And that is a good point to not eat off of them – who knows what is mixed in there. I used toothpaste on that one. I think it will be a good winter project. Thanks for the idea.☺

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