Pay It Forward

Need to lighten the mood after yesterday…this is a good one…take a minute to watch the video! I need to go find some kleenex…

Facilitating Magical Futures

Would you be willing to risk your life?…

Would you be willing to risk your horse’s life?…

…to lead more than 100 horses to safety, including pregnant mares and foals, knowing that you and your horse would have to swim part of the way? Knowing that all previous attempts have failed and that 19 horses have died already?

Would you?

(my apologies to those who have already seen this video, but it is so moving that I feel it should get another airing – photo: Peter DeJong / Wyoming News)

Day 10 of the #FeelingGratefulChallenge for Horse Lovers

A post appeared on a Friesian horse forum, asking if any one was willing to undertake the rescue of more than 100 horses that are stranded on an island in Holland due to flooding in very bad weather.  It was urgent, the horses had been stuck for a few days and were…

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