Blog Identity

I keep thinking that this blog should have an identity, a focus. Something to help fill in the gaps between Wednesday’s photo challenge and Tuesday’s tune.

Maybe my followers would like to know what to expect when they come here.

Maybe I should pick a weekly theme and run with it for awhile…

The truth is, that would never work for me.

My thoughts and interests vary from day to day, hour to hour. Last night, I was watching you tube videos on how to debone a deer. Sometime this week, I will be learning how to mount the horns. Tomorrow, I will be watching videos on how to use the new ultrasound machine at work.

In essence, this blog is an extension of me. And in order for it to survive, it will have to flow the way I flow – up, down and all around; not consistent in any way, shape or form.

46 thoughts on “Blog Identity

  1. Part of the fun is seeing where having your website will take your creativity. Mine is always changing and transforming and looks nothing like my original idea of what it would be. WOuldn’t have it any other way.

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  2. Then you must just go with the flow. We can’t all do things at regular times, even if we’d like to at times. Your blog will work just as well with the addition of a few impromtu posts. You have a lovely blog, and people will enjoy your posts whatever day they appear. 🙂

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  3. Oh my, I read the latest post first in my catch up visit, made a pun and then find here via your declared youtubing it’s potentially true that you might shoot deer other than by photography? You might have to shoot one to debone one and mount antlers. That’s completely surprised me! Of course in your part of the world perhaps hunting is more normalised than in mine and of course you may have just been interested and of course it’s none of my business! Anyway, I like meeting the unexpected here with your ‘random’ blogging style and there’s no point in a plan if you know you won’t be happy trying to stick with it. Best wishes 🙂

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    1. Actually, I don’t like hunting. I am ultra sensitive when it comes to the death of animals. SPCA commercials make me cry and any wildlife documentaries are out due to the violence between species. My friend was given the opportunity to be a guide for some hunters this fall. The hunters took the shot and decided that the horns were too small to take and that the meat is too difficult to carry across the border. (Why take the shot then??) Instead of it going to waste, it will feed my family. The horns will be a nice Xmas present/coat rack for some close friends. And I may be tempted to do something with the hide…I thanked him (the deer) for giving his life to us and wished that his next life was longer and more prosperous than this one. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to explain how it came about. I am always happy to share with you.


  4. If your thoughts are random, then why not have a random blog? A post about you watching a video on de-boning a deer? Totally works! Mounting the antlers? Yes! Your readers will love how random your interests are — at least this one will!

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  5. I completely agree! The blog should definitely be you, and sometimes we just can’t be confined to one thing or another. I love it, and I always enjoy your blog! The diversity is great. 🙂

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  6. My name for my blog, cthisnthat is because I knew I would have to write on this and that because I scamper hither and thither in my head 😀 If you want to do your blog your way that is what it is for I think 😀 And when I see you have ‘me’ in your name I sorta expect that you are going to do it
    your way ~no worries. Enough wordiness from me sheesh~ I am trying to learn about computers to do this n that tips eventually , one day at a time in the journey~i enjoy visit you 😀

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  7. I started Gardens, Combines and Memories because I intended to write about my garden (didn’t even have one last year), my fascination with Gleaner combines (a snore to most all the blogosphere) and memories of growing up on a farm. I have stuck to the memories part a little, but I’m sure it confuses readers to see that blog name with some of my posts as I’m changing and growing. I need to rename it but I’m struggling with choices. Stick to doing things your way. 😁

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