54 thoughts on “The Deer Out Here

  1. It’s so funny… i had dropped just to say a quick thank you for the follow, and instead ended up spending time admiring all your pics, including Oops and Eye Spy. You’ve interpreted the WPC prompts so beautifully. And, now am wondering why t took me so long to discover you. So many of my friends already know you, how come i didn’t land on your blog earlier. 🙂 Congrats on Anand’s Epic Awesomeness Award 🙂

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  2. People usually use a long telephoto lens to get close ups of wildlife… Hide behind a tree. Then jump out and take the picture! LOL! Also, if a picture is clear enough, you can always crop it and blow it up. Hope this helps…

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    1. Actually it does help…I do know of a place…No telephoto lens though. I did try to crop this one, but since it was taken by my phone they just ended up looking fuzzy. Thanks for the feedback Spartacus! I appreciate it!


  3. Oh I love this photo so much! I used to live in Flushing Township, MI, and we had 5 acres of meadow that was bordered by a deep woods and we saw deer like these all of the time. This picture could have been taken from my deck! I moved to Bay City 5 years ago and your photo made me homesick…but in a wonderfully good way. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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  4. The dried grasses (?) are sort of swirling around here and there – I am reminded of the ocean. The way the scene is set would translate beautifully onto canvas in oils. Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

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  5. Great pic! Looks like a beautiful area too 🙂 It’s funny, when I lived in the suburbs I used to see “wildlife” (deer, raccoons, rabbits, etc.) in the back yard all the time. Now that I live in the country I actually see far fewer animals. I guess that’s because they have someplace to hide out here, rather than being forced to feed in suburban back yards.

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    1. So true! When I was living in the city, you could be swarmed by the city geese if you had a loaf of bread. You can’t get near anything out here! Thank you for sharing with me! I really appreciate the feedback!


    1. Colette!! I have missed you!! I have been checking all of your blogs just in case I missed something. I do hope life is treating you well? Thank you so much for stopping by! It really is good to hear from you!


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