Paying it forward

I thought this was a pretty great idea so I thought I would pay it forward by passing it along. My little girl and I will make up some hug coupons today. What can be more cuter than that? And here is my silly joke contribution:
Why do bicycles fall over?
Because they are two tired!!


imageIn this season of giving, I was kind of inspired by this “calendar of Random Acts”.  It’s a pretty good idea, and I’m doing my best to participate.  Thus far, I’m doing pretty well.  I’ve done what’s on the dates daily, with the exception of the 5th, because I’m old and don’t have a teacher anymore, but I did bring my wife a cup of tea that morning before she got outta bed, so I’m gonna count that.

Now, generally speaking, I do the random kindness thing anyway.  And we’ve gone out of our way to impart this mindset onto our boys as well.  In fact, this weekend we went shopping and wrapped bags of gifts for three of their fellow students who are in need, and they proudly dropped them off to the resource office at school this morning. This sort of caring and giving is important to us…

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9 thoughts on “Paying it forward

    1. I know! All credit to SOB’S wife 😊 I have to admit I felt really cheesy leaving little notes for my colleagues at work. But then they wrote back, and the feeling was pretty great. 😊


    1. Thank you Rachel. The list is actually quite easy, it seems to make it easier to comply. I have to admit I felt pretty cheesy leaving notes around for my coworkers to find, but I think they will enjoy them.


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