Eye Spy…

…something yellow.

Actually, I heard it before I saw it.

Taken from my from the balcony from our hotel room…

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy


35 thoughts on “Eye Spy…

  1. I was viewing it from my iPhone. Before I zoomed in, the image was rather small and I could only see something yellow and black. I thought it was a spider! LOL! 😀 Turn out to be a lovely bird!

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      1. I am at my main home in Northern Cailif. headed back to the desert right after the new year to get that home set up….still need flooring…starting at the bottom up …LOL well your trip looked beautiful….how relaxing to have a view like that off your balcony…..welcome home…and happy holidays….kat

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          1. Ya…no they all have full time jobs and tis the frigin holidays…LOL no problem….I am like a tornado…almost have it done…staging areas set up in the garage already and its good exercise for sure…this way I know what’s in every box….kat

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  2. Looks like a beautiful bird! The shade has obstructed light, else it would have been even more beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing it, kelly!

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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