Half-Year Review

Normally I am not a stat checker, but since those little monkeys were so hard at work, I thought I should take a peek and share a few things with you.

Top post: Be Careful  The only reason I am mentioning this is because there has been a cow (moose) and a calf spotted around our place (about a 1.5 miles in all directions). We are all wondering, and hoping, that it is the same one.

Second in line was The Deer Out Here. The  compliments I received  were humbling. More importantly, I was astonished to see how such a simple picture could evoke such warm feelings of nostalgia in my viewers. Thank you all for sharing them with me. Of course I cannot let this post go without recognizing the sweet conversation I had with Belinda that day. It led to her witty and very clever comment : “Say… no dear.. There is no deer!” It was the first time in this blogging journey that I was able to shove my phone into my hubby’s face and exclaim “Burn! From Australia!” I scored a point for myself on the invisible board in the air and danced around like a mad woman. Needless to say, the moment was absolutely priceless and one that I will treasure for some time. And don’t worry, hubby has a good sense of humour, so he was laughing too.

My favorite post: Shades of  Gray. I must have taken close to 300 pictures that week, trying to find the perfect monochrome picture. In reality, I didn’t have to travel farther than my backyard to snap that photo. The feathers you see there are from my own, home grown flock.

tough little bastards

You may think, after seeing this picture, that this is a form of animal cruelty. It is -12 C here. I assure  you that they have an insulated shed to live in, outfitted with a very warm heat lamp. There are piles  of straw around the yard.  But they hate to be confined. Why they insist on laying on top of the snow is a mystery to me.

So here I am, six months into this gig and still loving it. My interest/ eagerness to invest into this blog can really only be contributed to all of you. I love reading your posts. I love the insights into your lives, the stories you have written, the things I have learned; the recipes I have tried and the music you have introduced me to. All of it.

Sincerely, thank you all for being so damn interesting that I have trouble putting down my phone. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Half-Year Review

    1. They are quite the characters, lots of fun. When the begin to lay eggs, it is like an Easter egg hunt – under vehicles, in the middle of the driveway. It is a race to see who will find them first – us or the dogs 😉

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  1. Great review Kelly, fun to read 🙂 Oh I wish we had snow but it’s all drizzle, rain and wind so far this winter. i’d love -12 degrees outside in snow nearly as much as those ducks – although I wouldn’t be lying on it 🙂 My dog would love some snow too…

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      1. Night time temperature is about six or seven degrees, day time has been warmer. So not warm and not properly cold either. It’s been a very mild winter so far, though there is time yet and temps are dropping in next few day. I like a proper snowy winter when it lasts more than week, but am disappointed most years 🙂

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  2. Yay you!! Stats of countries amazed me on my review. I too get excited my blog traveled where I cannot . I wonder are u just camera phone for pix? All mine are non smart phone n learning tablet.

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    1. I have an olympus so most of my pictures are taken with that. Although some pics, like the deer, were taken with my phone. It’s too convenient to not use! I like fiddling with the camera’s. I don’t have a tablet. Does it have a camera?

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