Smokey Sun

This photo was taken on August 24, 2015. Fires were raging hundreds of miles away. The wind currents  brought the smoldering fumes towards us.  I remember stepping outside that morning and the smell of burning wood was so strong that I thought the fire was in my backyard. I was surprised that evening by how much of the sun’s glare was diluted by the smokey haze.

For The Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

Let a familiar shape inspire you


43 thoughts on “Smokey Sun

  1. Beautiful and scary… Forest fires are so frightening, we have them every summer in Greece, our garden was burnt twice and the house was saved because a plane dumped water on it at the last minute…


    1. I thought I should have included the specs! f 4.5 E 1/320 ISO 64. Made it look like a gum drop in the sky ☺ BTW, I made your apricot chicken last night (again) and hubby was very pleased! There weren’t any leftovers the first time I made it and he doesn’t care for peppers but he was impressed. ☺

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