My Blogging Life


The first post in my reader is a lovely little piece by Lynn. This woman constantly amazes me. She has such a giving heart, her support and encouragement for all of the people she has met here is never ending. Honestly, I feel a little like Olaf because my heart melts each time a person bestows a bit of kindness to me. Thank you, Lynn.

After a conversation with whatsandrathinks, I am fantasizing about a luau in Hawaii. Pig roasts, palm trees and pretty little drinks with umbrellas poking out of them. This reminds me of Paula and how proud I am that she finished her race there. Just thinking about her post makes me smile (and cringe).

During my lunch hour, Nissetje has me holding my phone to my belly and laughing so damn hard that I can barely type out a response. LMFAO is an aptΒ  description. Seriously, I am still getting the giggles just thinking about it.

The boss leaves and it’s time to turn on some tunes. I check out SOB and my eyes become misty. I can’t help it because I know all too well, exactly how they feel. I plug his songs of the day into You Tube and am amazed by Alabama Shakes and Dawes. How is it I have never heard of them before?

When I come home, I squeeze my family for a few minutes longer than usual. Hubby is surprised. “What has gotten into you?”

I shake my head a little and smile. It would be hard to explain how my mind has been all over an emotional map today. “Just life,” I say. “Just glad to have you here.”

20 thoughts on “My Blogging Life

    1. Tipping my toque to you today and your taste in music. Sometimes weird shit happens…I heard Alabama Shakes on the radio this morning, it was the last song that was playing as I pulled into the parking lot.

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