I have been trying to recall how we came to be

trying to remember when you were just you,

and I was just me

Forgive me, but my memory is a little bit hazy…

I remember long looks at the grocery store

And then came the post it notes on my door

You remember when we first connected

how my body reacted was quite unexpected

Months passed by as we got to know one another

friend to friend, lover to lover

Then chaos came knocking on our front door

It rattled our foundation and crumbled our floor

You remember all of the anger, pain and misery

I found a man with morals, standards and integrity

(Trust me, this is not to be taken lightly!

These qualities are not found in everybody!)

Do you remember those days, how we hid ourselves inside?

Revelling in our bodies,Β there was nothing left to hide

We consoled ourselves with only our skin

we were young and adventurous

and living in sin

We spent years inside that sensual bliss

But the impact of the strife, I couldn’t dismiss

It became too much for me to bear

I decided to leave, not because I didn’t care!

It was just a little too much for the younger version of me

I think you understand, it was part of my destiny

How many times did fate bring us back together?

To reignite our flame and keep us connected to one another?

And even though we spent those years apart

We couldn’t ignore what was truly in our hearts

I couldn’t foretell our future, how our story would unfold

Until we met again that day, in the middle of the road

Somehow we intuited it was now or never,

to combine our lives and be together forever

From that moment on

I have never regretted it

Yes, you drive me nuts!!

But that’s to be expected

Looking back now,

anyone can see

Honey, you and I

are just meant to be





39 thoughts on “Us

    1. Eths, make sure to check your spam. I think my comments are being dumped in there. Thank you for the nomination. I do enjoy reading your blog, it brings a smile to my face every single time. 😊


        1. We did. Started in 1999 for a few years, were apart for 5, then back together now for 9. I have to say Em, that I do hope you and your hubby’s relationship get back on some sort of track. We joke now that if it wasn’t for all of the great sex, we wouldn’t have gotten back together. I know how important it is to be able to feel that connection.

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            1. There was a lot of drama to life back then that included a custody battle for his two daughters. I was quite young, wasn’t sure if I was ready to be a full time mom. Also, I had an inkling that my mother wasn’t going to be around for that much longer. I moved back home. She died 4 years later, from cancer. Hubby had shown up at her funeral. I was dating someone else at the time so I ended up laying awake, all night long, resisting the urge to go to him. And that’s when I knew that he was ‘the one’.

              Liked by 1 person

          1. I do that periodically, but not every time. It puts a bunch of people in a lurch when I do, so try to crawl my way in. I’ll have to leave much earlier than usual, but I’ll make it in. Thank god for 4×4! πŸ™‚

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I completely understand. It’s the same here. Some days I am just not in the mood to white knuckle driving. And sometimes I get out and it really isn’t that bad. Safe travels to you 2mrw SOB.

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