The Fur-kids

There are two things you should know first:

  1. I have an acreage.
  2. I am an animal lover. They make me less depressed, more relaxed, more observant, less reactive. They have taught me patience, compassion and have given me a belief in myself that I can do better, be better.

1 + 2 = these…

From left to right: Sweetie, who is not very sweet, Indie, Blue and my baby (Sandy, although I never call her that)



Can’t forget Kiki. She is the best foot warmer ever.


And one more of Indie, breathing you a hello 🙂

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Pets

60 thoughts on “The Fur-kids

      1. Yes, there were 2 comments from you in the spam folder. I need to check that folder more often, so very sorry I did not find those earlier. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I do enjoy reading yours! 🙂

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  1. Love all the critters! What would life be without our fur kids? I hope to have horses (and maybe goats) in the not too distant future. Right now the dogs, cats, and chickens keep me pretty busy (and laughing all the time)! 😀

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  2. Awesome photos. I loved reading this whilst waiting on the packed London Underground platform at Green Park. What a contrast in environment. Wish I was where you are! Great post! Thanks.

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    1. -2C. She doesn’t really walk, more like flies across the snow, up into trees or along the fence lines. Don’t worry, she sleeps by my feet every night and won’t leave the house when it is too cold (her choice).

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            1. That’s what I think too. And yet I don’t have any intentions on moving somewhere warmer. Perhaps in my golden years. But there is something about the cold, it brings on a hibernation of sorts. And spring is so utterly wonderful when it comes that you never spend any time inside. Until the bugs come out…How is your mosquito population?

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  3. How wonderful, and how right you are. My Dog “Daisy” cross German Shepherd /Lurcher (rescue ) calms me and when she rubs herself against me when I cry and jumps up at me to lick me I feel so much better. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures, absolute treasures. Animals nothing like them.

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    1. Awwh! She sounds super sweet! I know exactly what you mean. They always make me feel loved, like I am the best thing to enter the yard. When I open my car door, they shove their noses in and put their heads on my lap. 💖💗 Nothing better. Anna, be sure to check your spam too. I have dropped you a line or two and they might be in there. Xo.


  4. Aw! I love these pics! All the precious! You’re so lucky 🙂
    I have an extra acre, too, but I’m in the city, so I can’t have ‘livestock!’ *dreams of goats* Chickens we will have, one day!

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    1. Thanks Jolene ☺ Are chickens allowed where you are? It’s always nice to have fresh eggs, fun for the kids. Unfortunately, my dogs like the chickens a little too much. I think they bounce and fly around and it turns into a big game for them. And they are really good at stealing the eggs…


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