B-day Drama Timeline



       Mother and daughter are standing by the counter, making a cake. There is a generous amount of flour sprinkled across the counter, on the floor, in the daughter’s hair. The phone rings just as they place the cake into the oven.

Looks pretty, doesn’t it?


It’s aunty, it’s for you…

The daughter ignores the mother’s request to take the phone and proceeds to run laps around the house, arms extended like an airplane. Mother continues to talk on the phone until the timer for the cake goes off. Simultaneously, the daughter comes out of the bathroom with her pants around her ankles.

DAUGHTER (bending over)

I pooped mommy, see?

The mother visibly hesitates between the call of the timer and the white tush jutting out before her. The poopy bum wins.

Looks overdone, doesn’t it?



Mother is standing by the patio doors watching swirls of white snow slap against the window and turn to ice. Grandma enters the house, wiping the snow off of her shoulders.


Oooh, it’s really storming out there. I had to pull over three times  to scrape the ice off of my windshield.


MOTHER (internal dialogue voice over)

Nobody’s going to show up! Why didn’t I check the weather! Who schedules a birthday party during a fricken storm! I should phone them, tell them not to come. I should reschedule…

Just as she is about to pick up the phone, another vehicle pulls into the driveway…

There you have it. My attempt at participating in The Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art.  by trying to recreate a single day into a screenplay.?? Everyone did show up, albeit later than expected. The cake was overdone and dry. Do you know how the secret to salvaging a slightly overdone cake? With some really kick ass frosting! A very special and heartfelt THANK YOU to Lynn for helping to save my tush on that one.

Seriously was very tasty with all that icing 🙂

50 thoughts on “B-day Drama Timeline

  1. Wow that cake looks good – and that was really entertaining to read Kelly (though I can imagine the anxiety/stress poor mom felt along the way). Glad the frosting saved the day for the cake and a good time was had by all in the end at a guess. Fantastic response to the prompt 🙂

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  2. Beautiful cake….and you picked the correct course of action at the timer ding…LOL another way to save a dry cake….make a sugar syrup, you can add orange, rose flavor any flavoring you like or just leave it plain sugar syrup and dribble it over the cake before icing….if it was for adults…rum or whisky would of worked perfect!!! see and you thought no one was coming…..rain or shine….birthday party’s are a hit!!!

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    1. Definitely! Nothing like the lure of free food and a mini break from the kids! I think my comments are ending up in your spam. If you see me visiting you, check there. Just know that you are one of my favorites here Kat. I enjoy reading your posts and the progress you guys have made at your place 😊 enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


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