Some Moose for You

I was so excited to see this cow (moose) and her twins that I just had to share them with you.

Mama and her twins!!

In fact, the exact words out of my mouth were “She is still alive!” The thing about living out here is that you become quite used to your surroundings. And every year, there is a female that gives birth to a lovely set of twins. Granted, it might be one of her daughter’s that is carrying on the twin birth legacy, but I would like to think that it is the same one that I have seen for the last four years. (Anyone know the average life span of a moose?)

They look so regal!!

And just for fun…



Not the best picture, but he still has horns! I wonder if they will shed this year, or if the winter has been so mild that he will be keeping them…

This past month, I have been pretty grateful for the flax that was left in this field. It really provides a bit of security, knowing where these long-legged beasts are likely lounging. The flax has kept them off the roads (for the most part) and has kept me out of harm’s way.

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76 thoughts on “Some Moose for You

  1. What a great place to live…my sister lives on the side of the Olympic mountains….she inherited the mama deer when they moved in…she had 11 sets of twins…once a year…and the babies still come through the yard…coyotes, bobcats, a bear on the edge of the property…and lots of eagles,…its fun to go visit…but I am still scared at night of big foot…LOL I was raised in the Olympics…but I have to admit…I am city girl all the way…even though I love the country and nature…it still scars me to death after dark….LOL I lived on an island in Alaska for a short time, my sisters both lived there…the eagles up there were huge…so big I walked to work one day and they were in the road…they wouldn’t let me pass, every time I tried to walk by on the opposite side of the road, (dirt back road, shortcut to work) they would hope toward me screeching at me like I was the enemy…needless to say I was late for work as I had to back track and walk the long way…LOL everyone blamed it on the California girl….scared of a big bird…LOL they weren’t there!! LOL the eagle up there would pick up small kittens and puppies off your front yard….your place looks like paradise…bet you can see stars forever at night….kat

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    1. I don’t blame you for being scared about the Eagles. Their talons are twice as big as our hands! I would have taken the long way too! I remember when I was visiting home, I had this bright idea to go feed the city geese. I bought a loaf of bread and started to peel off of some pieces. When those things surrounded me, I got totally freaked out! I kept on throwing pieces as I half ran back to the car. They surrounded my vehicle! I was honking and they were honking back and they wouldn’t move! I was totally freaked out! And I thought I would never do it again! The stars out here are pretty amazing. I was thinking of you the other night as I was driving home. The moon looked sooo big!


        1. Haha! We had some geese here too, way back. They were just how you described. They loved me, would follow me everywhere and would chase everyone else off. We had to sell them. They were too aggressive for everyone else. 😊 you brought back some good memories for me, thanks.


  2. Did the animals roam outside your house? You mentioned bears, wolves, etc. Did you come into close contact with them? This sounds really exciting… Like a storybook comes alive! The only animals I’ve seen are those in the zoo. πŸ™‚

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    1. The dogs tend to keep everything out of the yard. They bark all night long and sleep half of the day away. And yet, the deer still cross quite close to our house. It’s winter so we can see their tracks. They like to eat from the grain piles that are just south of our property. I usually see them first thing in the morning. I have only come across bears three times in the last 4 years and I have been in a vehicle each time. (Thank goodness!) They tend to get spooked right away and run for it. There is a provincial forest preserve just 20 minutes North of us. That’s where the wolves roam. And although I have heard people mentioning them closer to here,I haven’t seen one myself. There are a lot photos floating on Facebook of them.

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  3. Very cool! We have daily visitors to our place too, but deer not moose. And though we do have elk here, not usually in our neck of the woods. About a year ago though, a black near was spotted several times within a few miles of us. Way outta his territory but they range great distances in the search for food I’m told.

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    1. We have a bit of everything here from bears to wolves to badgers and eagles. I think the Eagles leave and come back in the spring. Haven’t seen one around for awhile. Do your deer shed their horns in the winter? Ours still seem to have them yet…

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            1. Day was nucking futs but easy breezy now. Yes, we have a tornado “season”. Lasts anywhere from late March through June, but north of us has had them in late Fall recently, one was devastating to small town. Technically, I guess they can happen anytime but they’re rare in winter.

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  4. Great animals, this reminds me of my road trip to western Canada where I saw a lot of Elks…during the rutting season too, an amazing and memorable experience…I even had a selfie with a male Elk! Take care.

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