Hoar Frost Obsession

It has just been one of those weeks. I am feeling a little like the flies that are crawling out of the crevices of my house – slow, sluggish and dim-witted. My brain is covered in a dense fog that I can’t seem to shake. As such, I have been trying to sleep it off and relax a little bit more. I didn’t get a chance to post these pictures last week for The Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons, but I will do so now, just so I can share with you an obsession of mine.

It all began with a drive.It appeared as though the land was dusted with diamonds, the way the hoar frost had created ice pellets that glittered in the snow. When we arrived at ourΒ destination I took these two pictures:

Perhaps this is just something that I took for granted – this accumulation of condensation on the trees in the winter time. Sometimes, I think, that without my camera lens, I wouldn’t be so inclined to investigate things a little more closely.

And sometimes it grows in the middle of nowhere…


Whatever the case, I am happy to have this hobby, as it always brings to light some of the intricate beauty that is around me.

Happy Sunday everyone. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.:)


45 thoughts on “Hoar Frost Obsession

    1. Thank you! Only a few more months of cold weather here 😣 How are the bugs there? I seem to ask everyone that question… the mosquitoes make me hide during the summer nights.


  1. I know exactly what you mean and how the camera gives us reason to maybe find extra beauty we might otherwise miss! And your photos are stunning – the diamonds is a great description and so artsy!

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  2. Your photos are great! Not many people seem to know what Hoar Frost is. it takes a specific set of conditions for it to form. growing up in Michigan, I noticed it would stand out as unusual looking.

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    1. Awwh! Thank you John 😊 It means a lot to me to hear you say that. And that wasn’t something I considered when I wrote this post either. I am so used to living in the cold. So thanks for that too πŸ˜‰

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