30 thoughts on “*Sigh*

        1. Yes! I am in northern Saskatchewan. It’s always snowy and cold. This year has been especially mild but I yearn for spring, green grass and sunshine!! Soon! It’s warming up. Should be a slushy mess this weekend 😊

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    1. It isn’t really, in the beginning of winter. But it’s 5 to 6 months now since I have seen green grass or leaves blowing in the wind. And even though the weather has been quite mild this winter, I am getting a bit of a cabin fever feeling. I would really like to just slip on shoes and walk out the door without putting on 2 sweaters, winter jacket, gloves, toque etc. Soon!! Should be a nice slushy mess in a few weeks, hopefully!

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            1. I hope so! I think that’s why people start to do stupid things like roll in the snow and jump into hot tubs, it’s because a part of them is wigging out and they are trying to shock it out of their system. Thanks for letting me rant Fun 😊

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