I spend a lot of my spare time just watching the animals here. Most of the time, it is just for pure entertainment.Here is a goat playing King of the Castle…

She did that for a good hour, jumping on the back of any ewe that was lying down and challenging any lamb that came up to her.Or how about the ducks…

…that bravely linger by the dogs, stretching out their necks, hoping to sneak a piece of dog food. They use their beaks to nuzzle through the wool of resting ewes to find bits of grain in the winter; in the summer, they gingerly pick Β flies off of their legs. The one in the picture was just poked in the eye.


Or those precious first moments, like this curious lamb that snuck up onto a sleeping Simmie. Note the little goat that was about to lay down with her.

20150824_181719 (2)

Kuma and Indie like to play together, each of them will chew on the other`s foot or hoof until Kuma becomes too excited, elicits a play-bow and runs off. Indie chases after her, running and bucking down the driveway. Indie is special like that, she plays with everything.

It never ceases to amaze me or amuse me, how well everything gets along here.

For The Weekly Photo Challenge: Harmony



65 thoughts on “Harmony

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    If you have never stopped by Kelly’s blog you are missing out on some beautiful glimpses of a life well lived and thoroughly enjoyed. Why not share in a bit of the joy?


  2. Love it! I could spend hours just watching my animals and the way they interact with each other. We just got 6 Leghorn chicks today and it will be interesting to see how Dewey Dude (the puppy) responds to them. It’s always so nice when the critters all get along πŸ™‚

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    1. It is always nice when they get along. I wish you luck with Dewey and the chickens 😊 My dogs really liked our chickens too, a little too much. But those first moments, that look of confusion and curiosity, are priceless!! Enjoy!!


    1. Ours are the same. Last year they were up on our deck, right by the BBQ. I took a picture, sent it to hubby and said “Do you think they are trying to tell us something?” I am crossing my fingers that she and her kids won’t cause us any hassle this year. I like her and her babies are so damn cute. My daughter can do anything to them and they just come back for more. 😊

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