Auto Pilot

Don’t you just love when you connect to a photo challenge and it takes you days to realize that you didn’t even get the name right?

Public humility is a good thing, especially if it can garner a chuckle.(?) Amazingly enough, nobody commented on it. WP, you are too polite.

In other news…
…the pace of life here has sped up  substantially these last couple of weeks. Luckily, I am able to run on auto pilot. In the meantime, this blog may be set aside for some much needed R&R. (I have a fantasy of flopping my body in the bed and sleeping until noon…)

Xo WP. Hope to be back when I can think coherently…

43 thoughts on “Auto Pilot

  1. You can think coherently? Lol. Where have you been, don’t answer that, I know, milking the cows, and gathering the eggs, putting out the hay…..

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      1. I’m very well, have come some distance in my writing. I checked in on you awhile back. Liked some articles but didn’t comment, felt a stranger there. Glad you are (though info is intuited, untold) well.

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        1. Never feel like a stranger here, Miguel. You are always welcome. 😊 And I have noticed the distance you have come in your writing. I am not always able to leave my mark when I visit (shoddy internet) but I do read. 😊 And all is well here. Finally Spring and am able to enjoy the sun 😊xo my friend

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    1. Thanks Kat! You really are awesome and your kindness has brightened my days!! Thanks so much! Hope the dust storms die down for you so you can enjoy the weather😊 xoxo


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