You have to love tulips, don’t you? They are always the first sign of spring here, showering the landscape with their vivid colors and promising there will be more to come.


Visit Cee to view more lovely flowers.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Single Flowers or Buds. 



77 thoughts on “Soon…

  1. I like tulips too – they are so proud and stately – I feel a sense of order and calm with them – as opposed to flowers that spread or have more fluff and drill – a beauty all their own- happy spring to you ! ☀️

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    1. Thank you for stopping to visit my blog too, Robyn. I am looking forward to learning from you! I have to admit that I do not know very much about gardening at all, not even the names of plants, and especially not how to keep my critters from destroying them! (p.s. my name is Kelly 😊) It is a pleasure to meet you 😊

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      1. Hi Kelly! Despite my blog’s gardening theme, I have much to learn about gardening and plants as well. It’s a constant learning curve but one I enjoy especially when I meet lovely people like you. ☺️

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    1. Thank you 😊 That is an interesting tidbit about potted tulips. This may sound like a stupid question, but donyou have to put the bulbs in the freezer to make them bloom? I think I read that somewhere.

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  2. Beautiful….I have to wait for the winter to plant and enjoy color here, I see people with plants in there yard and am excited to watch there yards as the temperature gets hotter…I imagine if your here to water every day…hummm gonna be an interesting summer….LOL

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  3. Your pictures are wonderful, love the centre one. My Tulips more or less finished, the Lilac is my favourite and the scent so wonderful, always flowers for my Birthday, my gift. Thank you for your blog.

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