30-Day Writing Challenges

I came across this 30-day Writing Challenge while visiting  Annebella and Kate


And I was going to participate. Really, I was. But I found myself dragging my heels and procrastinating like I always do.

Of course, it is also the beginning of NaBloPoMo too.  While I haven’t officially entered my name into the blogroll (because filling out the form is a sign of a serious commitment that I am unsure I can seriously commit too) it might give me an opportunity to get over this blogging guilt that I have been feeling. You know, “I want to write a post, I should write something, I can’t think of anything, I should clean my house instead” type guilt.

I did download the badge, so that’s a start.




7 thoughts on “30-Day Writing Challenges

      1. Writing challenges are always fun, if for no other reason than the great sense of community they instill 🙂 I always meet lots of nice people when I do one of these challenges and that’s why I love doing them!

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  1. I so hear you. I did TWO long daily challenges earlier this year, one for Lent right on top of the A to Z Challenge. Since then I look at prompts and think, what??? Guess it happens to all of us. 🙂 Hang in there.

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    1. Thanks! Hoping to write a bit more here. I seem to have developed some keyboard jitters? My mind goes blank as soon as I sit down to write something. Could be pregnancy brain too, but I need a bit of a push to get passed it.


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