Yesterday, I woke with a deep sense of foreboding. 

Today, I can feel the anger swirling.

And I am all the way up in Canada. 

I really hope there won’t be any riots or violent protests this week.

NaNoBloMo: Day 3

30 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. my observation is the outcome of the election had significant emotional ties on both sides of the aisle. Trump supporters pounded on their chests and made all sorts of claims of what they would do if Hillary had won and now we’re seeing this morning the reaction in California after people learned Trump had won. I don’t look forward to the next two years with Republican control of the House, the Senate and being President. I’m thinking that things will finally start getting done after the inauguration but I’m leery of what that will actually be.

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    1. I am leery too, as there were so many “promises” he made, which will he conquer first? What will his priorities be? There is some time before he will be able to get the ball rolling on anything. Until then, all we can do is wait and see.


  2. Freedoms lost are seldom returned unscathed. It’s not the obvious things that week fall under attack, but the subtle ones you should fear. Workers rights just got harpooned and it’ll be a self inflicted wound. Basics like minimum wages and trying to tear up trade agreements will ruin a service based economy. Who will be a the store to sell you what? There are enough countries that don’t like us before. I feel bad for the military families because the week before targets of his policies to expand our power in image. The man said he loves War, he’ll bomb the shit out of them, it’ll happen and he will be safe in Washington DC

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          1. I’ve been here a week now. I brought my shotguns (from 1880’s) and a WWII rifle. The working handguns come next week. Work surprised me eight weeks ago approving a transfer and telling me last minute. But what’s 1900 miles when you’re moving. πŸ˜€

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            1. It’s actually paradise without a beach. Small friendly town. A handful of snowy days and not much near 100 degrees in summer. Blue skies and mountains. Assuming I don’t get attacked by mountain lion or bear when hiking life will be very good here

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      1. We’ll see. He’s the President-elect. It’s our reality. I’m wary. But, what choice do I have but to see how it goes. Much of what he espoused legislating during his campaign is unlikely to happen, I think. We’re all now just along for the ride. 😏

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            1. It’s already overzealous. I had no idea there were this many people here that were this angry. Just vile and venomous. I’ve lost complete respect for people I would’ve considered friends over the past few days. It’s been eye opening.

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  3. I know what you are feeling. But I’m guessing it’s Trump’s converts that would have been so reactive if the democrats had one. Clinton’s followers — I would hope — will behave far differently. I really think Trump used his own political brand of fear mongering to stir this country up and frighten them. Let’s hope he can undo the damage he’s done…sigh…

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