Patience Please!

If you have some extra patience
Could you please send some my way
My child just doesn’t understand
There are things I need to do today

I woke up an hour early
So I could get a head start
But she woke up early too
And blew my plans apart

She began to help with breakfast
A simple, daily chore
She cracked some eggs in a bowl
And dumped them on the floor

We took our efforts outside
To tidy up our lawn
One moment she was there
And the next moment – gone

And where would I find her?
But well beyond the trees
Up on the road, with the dogs
Acting just like the puppies

After that I had decided
That she should have a nap
I brought her inside the house
And snuggled her on my lap

I thought I had achieved success
When her eyes started closing
But then the damn phone rang
And it prevented her from dozing

The rest of my day was filled
With very similar events
Forgive me for complaining
I just really needed to vent!

Now she is tired and cranky
Clinging on to my knees
So if you have some extra patience
Could you send me some, please!

Writing 101: Day 14: Recreate a single day

Coffee Anyone?

writing101: day 10: update your readers over a cup of coffee

If we were having coffee right now…

….I would tell you that I have a road trip planned for this weekend. Initially, I was quite excited about abandoning my responsibilities for an overnight excursion. I believe I chanted “I am free! I am free!” when I planned the trip. But I am already feeling guilty at the prospect of leaving.

If we were having coffee right now…

…I would tell you that I am taking a writing 101 course and generally, I do not talk about myself this much. I would ask you all sorts of questions about your life – job, home, and family – to help pass the time. I would watch your eyes light up as you relay a story and enjoy the comfort of your honesty.

If we were having coffee right now…

…my knee would probably be bouncing because I have slurped up too much caffeine. I really cannot resist the sugary goodness of the coffee creamer. Energized, I would leave your place with fidgety excitement to tackle projects with when I return home. I would apologize for not stopping by more often. I just seem to be a little busy at the moment, and I hope that things will slow down soon. I would thank you for everything, for listening, for taking the time to chat, because I really do enjoy the conversations I have here. Each and every single one of them, so thanks for that too.

Until next time…