In case you didn’t know, I work at a vet clinic and it is calving season right now. The days are long, unpredictable and extremely busy. It is a non-stop barrage of people patients, and phone calls. I consider myself lucky when I am able to leave work¬†on time. It is a good thing. A much needed swift and painful slap on my ass to wake me out of my winter slumber and propel me into spring. As the snow recedes, a flood of summer projects takes its place. We are busy talking, planning and deciding on how to revamp our yard to make it more user-friendly. Will we be able to get all of this done? Not likely. But it is nice to dream ūüôā

I saved a life this week. With a combination of technical skill and pure luck, I placed an IV catheter in a recumbent calf. By the end of the day, he was half up and sucking on a bottle. Let me tell you, I am feeling pretty damn great because of it. This wasn’t one of those typical moments in my life where I briefly recognize a job well done and move on. The feeling lit my whole drive home and has stayed with me all week.¬†I feel good about what I am doing.

Days off, hubby and I are diligently repairing the basement. I will use the term “we” quite loosely here since he is the one to do most of the work. I hold the boards, close my eyes and press the button on the air nailer. I am super pleased with our progress. It is still a hoarding haven for too many useless things, but we are working on it, and that’s what counts.

It has been good to take a bit of a break from this blogosphere. It just got to the point where I ¬†was skimming through your posts just to leave my mark behind. Each of you put a lot of thought and time into your blogs and I didn’t think that it was fair, or honest, for me to scan over what you have put out. It is not a popularity contest. ¬†It is not about the numbers for me, but maintaining a certain amount of ¬†quality to relationships I have formed here. And I feel very fortunate to have met some pretty incredible people. Thank you all ūüôā






Auto Pilot

Don’t you just love when you connect to a photo challenge and it takes you days to realize that you didn’t even get the name right?

Public humility is a good thing, especially if it can garner a chuckle.(?) Amazingly enough, nobody commented on it. WP, you are too polite.

In other news…
…the pace of life here has sped up  substantially these last couple of weeks. Luckily, I am able to run on auto pilot. In the meantime, this blog may be set aside for some much needed R&R. (I have a fantasy of flopping my body in the bed and sleeping until noon…)

Xo WP. Hope to be back when I can think coherently…

Versatile Blogger Award

A couple of weeks ago, Beth was kind enough to nominate me for the versatile blogger award. Thank you, Beth, for thinking of me!If you haven`t had a chance to subscribe to The Daily Atholian, you can do so here. I encourage you to take a few minutes to check out her blog. I love the creativity behind it, and her posts always make me smile.

The rules are simple:

A) Thank the person that has nominated you & include a link to their blog.
B) Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice.
C) Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.
D) Share seven different facts about yourself.

The Seven Facts:

  1. I grew up in a city and now live outside of a small town. Some days I miss the city РBuskers, the way their music would float to your ears amongst the chaos of honking horns and running engines. Slurpee`s, real sugar filled frozen treats! DELIVERY!!! But I really like the landscape here. It is clean, quiet and spacious. I can stretch my whole mind and heart out here for miles.
  2. 70% of the time I really like to cook and try new recipes (a special thank you to all of the food blogs here) The other 30% I`d rather eat cereal.
  3. I don`t like to eat the same meal two nights in a row. All leftovers are stored in the freezer. They make quick grabs for lunch or late night suppers. Most of the time I don`t put a label on them so we have a `Mystery Meat from the Freezer` night.
  4. My cat is actually trying to type this for me. It must be the clicking of the keys that draws her. Or the fact that my hands look busy.
  5. I am an absolute photo junkie. Love taking them, love viewing them. Not great at developing them. Or editing.
  6. I am quiet, in volume.
  7. I love all animals, in all of their shapes and sizes. Bugs, not so much.

It is always hard to nominate other blogs so I am passing the torch onto any of you that would like to share a bit information about yourselves. Don`t be shy ūüôā



The Fur-kids

There are two things you should know first:

  1. I have an acreage.
  2. I am an animal lover. They make me less depressed, more relaxed, more observant, less reactive. They have taught me patience, compassion and have given me a belief in myself that I can do better, be better.

1 + 2 = these…

From left to right: Sweetie, who is not very sweet, Indie, Blue and my baby (Sandy, although I never call her that)



Can’t forget Kiki. She is the best foot warmer ever.


And one more of Indie, breathing you a hello ūüôā

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Pets

Snow Art

Silly people, who said snow had to be white? This was an idea that I had seen on Pinterest last year. I admit, I was a bit skeptical. When would it ever be warm enough to take spray bottles filled with food coloring outside? Mother Nature was kind enough to grace us with a warm spell last week. As a parent, you have to love anything that your children really get into.

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

With Sympathy

They will not go quietly,

the pets who’ve shared our lives.

In subtle ways they let us know

their spirit still survives.

Old habits still can make us think

we hear them at the door

Or step back when we drop

a tasty morsel on the floor.

Our feet still go around the place

the food dish used to be,

And, sometimes, coming home at night,

we miss them terribly.

And although time may bring us new friends

and a new food dish to fill,

that one place in our hearts belongs to them

and always will.

-Author unknown

For Poe’s mom, Nissetje

and all of us animal lovers out there

*tears and hugs*

Fridge Art


In an effort to teach my daughter letter recognition, I have been writing out her¬†name in block letters and getting her to paint them. It isn’t too long before her attention span wanes. She begins to paint her belly and arms and chases me throughout the house with her blue fingers.
Since the Weekly Photo Challenge is Alphabet, I will share her current rendition:

A…B…C…D…E…M…O…P…in the potty…W…U… my sunshine

Honda Car Update

The car is toast – engine failure. This isn’t a boo-hoo, woe is me type post. I am not one to cry over material things or money, so I don’t expect you to do it for me.Since I vented my frustrations in my last post, I thought it would be appropriate to follow up on it.

Why this happened¬†exactly¬†we do not know. After spending four days in the repair shop with no clear, visible definition, we decided to pull the plug. The outcome is still the same – we need a new vehicle. We¬†do have a contingency fund, but I was really really¬†really¬†hoping to dip into it for a trip to Cuba this spring. Under the circumstances, it would be¬†irresponsible of us to do so. (The little devil on my shoulder says “fuck responsibility, just go!”)

My MIL did some investigating (i.e. googling) and found that we are not the only ones that this has happened to. In fact, car complaints has the 2003 Honda Accord listed as the second worse vehicle to buy. Major grievances include weak oil retention rings leading to excessive oil consumption, weak tensioners that cause the timing chain to slip out of place and faulty/frozen crank shafts. (Could the oil  rings been so weak that I would burn a litre of oil in three days? ) The number one complaint was widespread transmission failure.

I have to question the validity of checking on these type of websites. Surely there are lemons in every batch of vehicles that are made. But if I had seen my car listed in the number two slot, I may have thought twice before my purchase. Just thought I would pass along the information, just in case one of you might have one of these lemons in your driveway too. In the mean time, I’ll be watching the seat sales to Cuba and indulging my little devil with a fantasy vacation.

Thanks for stoppin in.






Affording Our Debt

Let the vehicle wreckage begin! Cold temps, faulty door handles, plastic pieces that just seem to fall off. Are all newer vehicles pieces of shit? And by new, I mean 2008 and 2003! The car wouldn’t start Friday after work. Silly me, I just thought it was the starter. Wouldn’t turn over, wouldn’t catch. Apparently there is no compression? I don’t know what that means but it sounds expensive. Did an explosion happen while I was driving to work that day? ¬†This is a definite possibility. Usually, the music is cranked so loud that I can’t even hear my own voice let alone the engine.

Did I mention that hubby was laid off from work just before Christmas? This didn’t bother me when I heard the news. We knew it was going to happen at some point.We can¬†afford our debt. I am actually very good with money. It would be nice to have him home more.

So I didn’t freak out then, but I am totally freaking out now! It would have been way better if the mechanic phoned this morning and said “Your vehicle is toast. You need a new one.” This period of not knowing is going to drive me nuts! Of all the financial revamping I did in my mind, buying a vehicle/ expensive repairs did not enter into the equation, at all.