“A Token As You Walk Away And A Life Between Pages”

I just loved this post by Anna. It had me thinking…While there have between times I contemplated walking away, I know I just couldn’t do it. But if there were two tokens that I could take with me, from one life to the next, it would have to be the love that has been given to me, and the love that I have to give. It is something that I didn’t know I had until I lost it. And for years I muddled around thinking I never had it all, or would never be able to find it. It soothes me, calms me, and heals me. And without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today.
What would your tokens be?
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Anna Cottage

If you were to walk away from your life, leave everything and everyone you know behind, never to return to the Life you know ever again.  What is the one or two items – not more than two – would you take with you.  This item does not have to sum up the life you are leaving behind, it can be something of love/joy/pleasure, a sad memory you want to keep.  A future you have in your mind to build.  It is not an easy decision to make, but all you will have is this token or two that means the most to you.

Have you ever felt you want to walk away from all you have known.  You can and will go wherever you want in this World, be a new person, become whatever you have always wished to become, dreamt about.

Deep within in you lies hidden that…

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Cancercize with Renee

Wanted to share this inspiration with all of you today. Comments disabled here, please visit Paula and Renee.

Never A Dull Bling

renee fearless I totally pilfered this from Renee’s Facebook Page. The ring says “fearless.”

I have a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer last November.  She is also a blogger here on WordPress… The Revenge Wogger.  I know and love her as Renee.  She started her blog as an anonymous avenue to document her “revenge wogging” as she had plans to overtake a friend in a particular race they do together every year.  That race is coming up in May.  Cancer has detoured her for a little while… but only for this year.

Renee had a double mastectomy in January.  Thankfully she’s starting to recover from that surgery, but now she starts chemotherapy on March 17th.  Before cancer got in the way, she was a Zumba instructor.  That’s been put on hold as well.  However, it has been said that one way to beat the fatigue that chemotherapy sends your…

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A Valentine Treat

I must be blind today, I cannot find the reblog button. PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK! You won`t regret it, I promise! I came across this post last week and it had me running to my husband`s arms.A must read and see for all of us hopeless romantics. Thank you, Dora, for the revival of hope, romance and love. xoxo (p.s., if you are on a laptop, you can right-click on the page and translate to English; Google translate should appear if you are on a smartphone)

Paying it forward

I thought this was a pretty great idea so I thought I would pay it forward by passing it along. My little girl and I will make up some hug coupons today. What can be more cuter than that? And here is my silly joke contribution:
Why do bicycles fall over?
Because they are two tired!!


imageIn this season of giving, I was kind of inspired by this “calendar of Random Acts”.  It’s a pretty good idea, and I’m doing my best to participate.  Thus far, I’m doing pretty well.  I’ve done what’s on the dates daily, with the exception of the 5th, because I’m old and don’t have a teacher anymore, but I did bring my wife a cup of tea that morning before she got outta bed, so I’m gonna count that.

Now, generally speaking, I do the random kindness thing anyway.  And we’ve gone out of our way to impart this mindset onto our boys as well.  In fact, this weekend we went shopping and wrapped bags of gifts for three of their fellow students who are in need, and they proudly dropped them off to the resource office at school this morning. This sort of caring and giving is important to us…

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Pay It Forward

Need to lighten the mood after yesterday…this is a good one…take a minute to watch the video! I need to go find some kleenex…

Empowering Women...one book, one workshop at a time

Would you be willing to risk your life?…

Would you be willing to risk your horse’s life?…

…to lead more than 100 horses to safety, including pregnant mares and foals, knowing that you and your horse would have to swim part of the way? Knowing that all previous attempts have failed and that 19 horses have died already?

Would you?

(my apologies to those who have already seen this video, but it is so moving that I feel it should get another airing – photo: Peter DeJong / Wyoming News)

Day 10 of the #FeelingGratefulChallenge for Horse Lovers

A post appeared on a Friesian horse forum, asking if any one was willing to undertake the rescue of more than 100 horses that are stranded on an island in Holland due to flooding in very bad weather.  It was urgent, the horses had been stuck for a few days and were…

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Join Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k 2015

Ahhh! I should have reblogged this when I found it on Friday but I was on my app. (Why did they remove that option??) It is not too late to join!!

Never A Dull Bling

I’m up for this challenge!!  Who else in the running, walking, wogging community is up for it?!

Automatticians, members of the WordPress community, and bloggers around the world come together for our annual run.

Source: Join Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k 2015

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Survived my First Solo Gig (with some help)

I just love it when people follow their dreams. I love it even more when they share the experience with us. Can we take a minute to give Nissetje props for surviving her first solo gig?

Barking Back

My improvised laptop stand: a thin wooden box decorated by yours truly. My improvised laptop stand: a thin wooden box decorated by yours truly. The grey cat is inspecting it for crumbs.

This past Saturday, I did my first ever solo DJ gig. All me, all night, booked for three hours. I was excited and terrified, since the longest set I’ve ever done in public before was only forty minutes, and I have always had sister DJs with me as mutual backup and support.

The venue was a downtown restaurant. They don’t have a dance floor and they weren’t expecting dancing, although they did know I mostly play house music and were okay with that. I planned to tone it down a bit for the beginning of the evening and so I prepped a lot of chill house, like St. Germain and Laurent Garnier.

On the day of, I had slept well but then couldn’t nap much during the day. Was starting…

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