I have been trying to recall how we came to be

trying to remember when you were just you,

and I was just me

Forgive me, but my memory is a little bit hazy…

I remember long looks at the grocery store

And then came the post it notes on my door

You remember when we first connected

how my body reacted was quite unexpected

Months passed by as we got to know one another

friend to friend, lover to lover

Then chaos came knocking on our front door

It rattled our foundation and crumbled our floor

You remember all of the anger, pain and misery

I found a man with morals, standards and integrity

(Trust me, this is not to be taken lightly!

These qualities are not found in everybody!)

Do you remember those days, how we hid ourselves inside?

Revelling in our bodies, there was nothing left to hide

We consoled ourselves with only our skin

we were young and adventurous

and living in sin

We spent years inside that sensual bliss

But the impact of the strife, I couldn’t dismiss

It became too much for me to bear

I decided to leave, not because I didn’t care!

It was just a little too much for the younger version of me

I think you understand, it was part of my destiny

How many times did fate bring us back together?

To reignite our flame and keep us connected to one another?

And even though we spent those years apart

We couldn’t ignore what was truly in our hearts

I couldn’t foretell our future, how our story would unfold

Until we met again that day, in the middle of the road

Somehow we intuited it was now or never,

to combine our lives and be together forever

From that moment on

I have never regretted it

Yes, you drive me nuts!!

But that’s to be expected

Looking back now,

anyone can see

Honey, you and I

are just meant to be





A Valentine Treat

I must be blind today, I cannot find the reblog button. PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK! You won`t regret it, I promise! I came across this post last week and it had me running to my husband`s arms.A must read and see for all of us hopeless romantics. Thank you, Dora, for the revival of hope, romance and love. xoxo (p.s., if you are on a laptop, you can right-click on the page and translate to English; Google translate should appear if you are on a smartphone)

Just a Reminder


All this time
The sun never says to the Earth
“You owe me.”
What happens
With a love like that
It lights the whole sky
– Hafiz

I am not going to tarnish this beautiful quote by following it with a lengthy post. I will tell you this: this poem repeated itself over and over in my mind the evening I took this photo. I couldn’t help but watch in amazement as the sun caressed the clouds with its golden glow before dipping below the horizon, just as if it was kissing them goodbye.

More of Hafiz’s work (born app 1320 a.d.) can be found here.

writing101 day 7: Hook ’em with a quote

Handcuffs and Roses

written in response to Shafali’s Creativity Carnival picture below

She heard a door open and close and a set of footsteps begin their descent down the stairs. “I have a present for you.” He sounded happy, amused even, but she closed her eyes against the sound. She tried her best to remain motionless. She kept her hands in prayer pose, tucked beneath her cheek, and continued to lie on her side on the dirty, single mattress.  She willed her breaths to remain even, and steady, as he dragged a chair closer to her. She could feel his hot breath on her face; the whiskey scent tickled her nose.

“Don’t you want to see what I have brought for you?” She could feel something gently caress her arm. The touch was soft, almost loving. “I know you are not sleeping, my pet. Open your eyes.”

She glanced up at his pale blue eyes. She noted the stubble along his jaw line and cheeks before diverting her attention to  the floor.

“Do you like roses my pet? I thought we could play a game.” He twirled the rose in between his fingers as he spoke.” I will ask you a question and if you answer correctly, you can keep this rose. I will even give you a vase with some water.”

His games, and prizes, were twisted. The last game was a dance. The prize?  Music. Simple, it seemed, until hours later her handcuffs and chains became too heavy for her weakened body. She grew tired. Every time she moved the metal would cut further into the fragile flesh around her ankles and wrists. Every time she tried to stop, he would slap a riding crop – first, on the floor, then at her legs and shoulders to keep her moving. The welts still hadn’t healed.

“Do you love me, my pet?” He used the rose to tenderly stroke her face from her temple to her jaw; its faint, sweet smell drifted into her nose.

She refused to answer, to give into his demand. If she said yes, she would be destroying herself, destroying her hope for freedom. She would be admitting defeat, admitting that she was trapped here; that her old life did not exist, that it was something she could not return to, that it would remain just a faded memory of better days. She had tried for weeks to find a way out. She yanked at the chains that kept her secured to the walls. She paced the same six-foot area over and over again until the bottoms of her feet were raw. She screamed until her voice was gone. But no one ever walked through that door except for him. He was her captor. A predator that had stalked her and had taken her against her will; kidnapped her and placed her into a concrete basement. She was his slave, his pet, to use and abuse as he saw fit.

“Do you love me?” his gentle tone was replaced with malice and anger. She stared back at him, her face set in stone. “Well, let’s just see what the rose says, shall we?” He tugged off a delicate petal. “She loves me, she loves me not…” Her sense of fear and foreboding increased as each petal floated down to the floor.