“A Token As You Walk Away And A Life Between Pages”

I just loved this post by Anna. It had me thinking…While there have between times I contemplated walking away, I know I just couldn’t do it. But if there were two tokens that I could take with me, from one life to the next, it would have to be the love that has been given to me, and the love that I have to give. It is something that I didn’t know I had until I lost it. And for years I muddled around thinking I never had it all, or would never be able to find it. It soothes me, calms me, and heals me. And without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today.
What would your tokens be?
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Anna Cottage

If you were to walk away from your life, leave everything and everyone you know behind, never to return to the Life you know ever again.  What is the one or two items – not more than two – would you take with you.  This item does not have to sum up the life you are leaving behind, it can be something of love/joy/pleasure, a sad memory you want to keep.  A future you have in your mind to build.  It is not an easy decision to make, but all you will have is this token or two that means the most to you.

Have you ever felt you want to walk away from all you have known.  You can and will go wherever you want in this World, be a new person, become whatever you have always wished to become, dreamt about.

Deep within in you lies hidden that…

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A Valentine Treat

I must be blind today, I cannot find the reblog button. PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK! You won`t regret it, I promise! I came across this post last week and it had me running to my husband`s arms.A must read and see for all of us hopeless romantics. Thank you, Dora, for the revival of hope, romance and love. xoxo (p.s., if you are on a laptop, you can right-click on the page and translate to English; Google translate should appear if you are on a smartphone)