Stellar Challenge

I just find this so much fun. Please take a minute to visit Nicola’s Stellar Six Word Story Challenge for the full details.Today’s prompt is..

I am stealing my response straight from my daughter’s mouth.

“No! I can do it myself!”

Are children born just to teach you lessons about yourself? I love being able to be independent, I love ‘doing things myself’. And yes, I have trouble even asking for help. I didn’t realize how annoying this could be until I had a child of my own. My daughter said this to me as she was struggling to get out of her sweater. She had, essentially, trapped herself in it. Her elbows were locked above her head, the sweater was pulled half way up. I could see the expression on her face through the sweater; her mouth and nose pressed firmly against the cloth. She wailed and cried, swayed from side to side until she lost her balance and fell to the ground, crying.
“Oh honey” I said, as I began to peel off the layers, “Sometimes, it’s okay to ask for help.”