Smokey Sun

This photo was taken on August 24, 2015. Fires were raging hundreds of miles away. The wind currents  brought the smoldering fumes towards us.  I remember stepping outside that morning and the smell of burning wood was so strong that I thought the fire was in my backyard. I was surprised that evening by how much of the sun’s glare was diluted by the smokey haze.

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Just a Reminder


All this time
The sun never says to the Earth
“You owe me.”
What happens
With a love like that
It lights the whole sky
– Hafiz

I am not going to tarnish this beautiful quote by following it with a lengthy post. I will tell you this: this poem repeated itself over and over in my mind the evening I took this photo. I couldn’t help but watch in amazement as the sun caressed the clouds with its golden glow before dipping below the horizon, just as if it was kissing them goodbye.

More of Hafiz’s work (born app 1320 a.d.) can be found here.

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